Mumtaz Bhutto Departs from PML-N

Chief of the former Sindh National Front, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto has decided to part ways with the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). He had merged his party with PML-N, but their apathetic attitude regarding Sindh has driven him to leave. According to a spokesperson for the SNF, Bhutto chaired a meeting of the senior leaders of the party where they decided to part ways with PML-N and revive their old party all over again. Therefore, a committee was also formed for carving means to revive the SNF within 15 days and a report has to be submitted in the next meeting.

Ibrahim Abro, SNF’s media cell in-charge said that the leadership of PML-N had failed to keep their promises regarding solving the problems in Sindh, which had led to the ultimate decision of parting ways.