Uber Ready to Make its Launch in Karachi

The world-renowned taxi hailing app, Uber is set to make its launch in Karachi soon. Zohair Yousuf, the Head of Expansions at Uber Pakistan said that they were expanding and launching their app in Karachi in the next couple of days. He also added that the company is also going to launch its service in Islamabad once they are done with the Karachi launch.

In 2016, two global taxi services made their entry into Pakistan’s local market, which were Careem and Uber. Uber chose to launch its service in Lahore when it decided to make itself available to the local market in March, 2016. Earlier, the company’s international launcher for Pakistan and the Middle East, Loic Amado had said at the launch of the service in Lahore that they were focused on expanding the service within a year and would cover at least three prominent Pakistani cities.

In contrast, Careem has built up its presence in three important cities of Pakistan, which are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. According to the frequent app users, there will be tough competition between the two taxi services once Uber makes its entry in Karachi. This could actually be a boon for customers as Uber will have to make great promotions at its launch such as promo codes or free rides.

There is no denying that Careem is a quality service, but competition is definitely going to kick things up a notch. An economy option has also been introduced by both companies for further consolidating their market share. The decision received a positive response in Lahore where lots of people have been moving away from the traditional auto rickshaw services and going for Careem, Uber or Al-Bayrak, which is a Turkish ride service.

The ecommerce sector in Pakistan has recently witnessed exceptional growth that was brought on by the introduction of 3G and 4G services, which has completely revamped the way global companies see the country as a possible investment destination.