Fawad Khan Receives Indian Blogger’s Hatred In The Wake Of Uri Attack

The cross-border tension between India and Pakistan is increasing day by day which even hasn’t surpassed the entertainment world from being affected. It's true, the way Indian media reports unverified news about Pakistan and portrays its role negatively has badly affected Indians’ mind. Such anti-Pakistan thinking is now targeting Pakistani actors who are working in different Indian films or television shows. Following the Uri attack, not only the Indian media has kept playing a blame-game against Pakistan but also Indian bloggers and writers are laying hate on Pakistan and its people.

Jumping on the anti-Pakistan bandwagon, an Indian writer has targeted Pakistani actor Fawad Khan to lay his hatred on the country. Soumyadipta Banerjee has written an editorial to scorn the actor who has proved his spirit and importance in Bollywood with his outstanding acting skills. Addressing Fawad in his blog's title, Banergee writes, “it's time to go back to your country”. The writer says his blog's caption is already a self-explanatory message to the actor and he chose Fawad Khan because he is the most popular import from Pakistan to Hindi movies. He further says though he has directly addressed Fawad to leave India, his aim is to convey the same message to each Pakistani import to Indian films or television shows such as Mahira Khan, Adnaan Sami, Shakeel and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The hateful blog has some elements of expressing the audacity by the blogger who is meant to explain Fawad how far Bollywood went to alleviate his financial position. In a direct address to Pakistani actor, Banergee wrote, Fawad can't deny how much love Indian people have showered on him over the time he has been in the country. India has given him more money in just 2-year time than he could possibly have made in 10 years in his home country. Indians have given Fawad reputation that he'd have never been able to get sitting in his city. They made him work in great films and helped him endorse brands.

Banergee's hatred also appeared in form of disgracing the actor as he wrote; it was Indians who made Fawad Khan a bigger celebrity in Pakistan. The blogger has apparently gone overboard with his post and even accused Fawad of keeping tight-lipped over pain inflicted on their countrymen by ‘Pakistani Mujahideen army’.

He wrote Fawad has chosen to stay quiet about Indians, their suffering and their killings by the hands of his Mujahideen army. While they have blessed him with love only, he has given them silence in return along his cute and dimpled smile. Banergee asked Fawad to bear in mind that they can't allow cultural exchanges over dead bodies of their soldiers and can't shake hands with Pakistan at the time when their hands are colored with the blood of Indians.

Though Banergee used his pen to address a Pakistani actor for laying the abhorrence against Pakistan, he received mix comments on his blog. Some are agreed with whatever the Indian blogger has penned down in his blog while lots of readers have raised basic questions asking what makes Banergee to criticize an individual in perspective of entirety over such crucial subject.