Uri Attack Fuels Kashmir Issue As India Accuses Pakistan For The Deadly Violence

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, the vicinity of Uri in Occupied Kashmir heard roaring of fires and explosions. It was a terror attack on Indian Military Headquarters that killed 18 Indian soldiers while the attackers, who were 4 in the quantity, were also killed in defense.

It was undoubtedly a disastrous incident and Pakistan strongly condemned its occurrence. But India kept perusing its habit of accusing Pakistan for whatever mishap takes place in the state and once again accused the neighbor country for the attack on its military without even a solid verification.

Kashmir issue is once again the highlight of global news. The subject is, of course, one of the major reasons for the conflict between the two neighborhood rivals. The tension seemingly has further increased following the terror attack on Indian army headquarters based in occupied Kashmir. Experts believe Uri attack not only leaded a word war between the foreign departments of India and Pakistan, but also woke up Narendra Modi from dreams. Showing his deep grieve on Uri attack, the Indian Prime minister in a recent statement said he wants to diplomatically isolate Pakistan to ensure safety of his country.

Chairing a meeting on Monday to review the overall situation in Indian Kashmir, Modi asked the relevant department’s ministers and officials to provide any possible evidence of Pakistani involvement in the attack so it can be used while discussing the matter on each major global forum.

According to Indian Express, Modi also plans to highlight the Uri Attack with a possible evidence of Pakistan’s connection at the UN General Assembly which is taking place on September 20, 2016. Reports also confirm Pakistan is also readying for UN face-off on the matter.

According to media reports, Pakistan is accused of being involved in the killings of 18 Indian troops in occupied Kashmir by both the civil and military leaders in India. They say Jaish-e-Mohammad is a Pakistan based terrorist group which has been involved in various attack on different places in the country in different times, and they are sure the same group is at the behind the recent assault on Army Brigade Headquarters in the Uri district which is located near the LOC.

The Indian Security establishment gave several calls to the federal government and asked it to mull over limited but penalizing cross-border strikes in Pakistan. However, New Delhi has decided to exclude any ‘knee-jerk’ reaction in return. However, rumors are swirling the Indian Military will turn up the temperature along the 778-km LOC through powerful weaponry barrages and other derogatory operations.

On the other hand, some unnamed sources claim, India is of mind to take a serious action against Pakistan only after proper planning and synchronization. Right now they are exploring every option and planning to take everyone concerned into confidence.

Whatever the Indian government has in its mind to react with, it knows striking inside Pakistan will not be in its favor. Any strike in Pakistan will escalate into a war which India would like to avoid as it has been often threatened of first use of strategic nuclear weapons if it attacks on Pakistan.