Horrible Bomb Explosions Destroy Railway Track; Several Deaths Confirmed

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed the responsibility for recent bombing attacks on railway tracks in Baluchistan. The explosions took place on Friday October 07, 2016 that targeted Jaffar Express and killed more than six passengers whereas nineteen travelers were injured. The train was going to Rawalpindi from Quetta and came under attack when it passed through Mach village which is located at 65 kilometers southeast distance from Quetta, the capital city of the restive province.

Baluchistan's peace has been victimized by the separatist groups who are involved in hitting the province with their low-intensity terror attacks for long time. This time they targeted a passenger train that not only scared the environment among passengers traveling by Pakistan Railways but also showered innocent people in their own blood.

Imtiaz Ahmad who serves as a senior official at Pakistan Railways, was talking to AFP news agency. According to Pakistan Railways, two passenger carriers were damaged and more than five passengers were killed as the result of bombing attacks. Moreover, the explosions also wounded nineteen people in the train. It's noteworthy that initial news broke a toll of three casualties after the explosion hit the track.

According to the AFP report, Baloch Liberation Army (one of the Separatist groups) has claimed their involvement in the attack whose target was to kill military personnel who were traveling to Rawalpindi by Jaffar Express. This group in a recent statement has appealed foreign countries (including India) to help them in their purpose.

In addition, another railways official told the media that terrorists had planted a similar attack on a railway track near Baluchistan's capital city but security forces’ timely action successfully foiled it and saved innocent people from damage.

The minister of Pakistan Railways talked to press about the explosions denouncing the attacks as an act of terrorism yesterday. Khawaja Saad Rafique said authorities were fully attentive toward the investigation and soon they would find out how terrorists were successful in planting the bombs on the train.

Baluchistan's history has a time period of more than a decade since its populace is living in a restless and frightened environment because of frequent low-intensity attacks. Most attacks are claimed to be done by different separatist groups who live in concealed places of the province and demand and out-and-out independence or self-government.

On the other hand, the uncertain conditions of peace in Baluchistan and frequent attacks on its infrastructure are rendering a concern for China who not only stands as Pakistan's best neighbor but also is an unconditional friend of the country. Both the countries have signed a number of combined business deals. Lately, China and Pakistan as a joint project are working on the project of Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project; and China has signed to invest $46bn for the purpose.

This project will connect Chinese western areas to Pakistan's Arabian Sea through with a network of roads, railway and energy pipelines. And China seemingly is in awe how it will be completed as most routes of the corridor pass through Baluchistan and BLF has said they will attack roads, security officials, construction staff and everyone linked with the project.