Jalil Abbas Jilani Says Pakistani-American Should Participate In US Presidential Election

Jalil Abbas Jilani has reportedly urged Pakistani-Americans to actively take part in upcoming elections in the United States to choose a new president of the country. Pakistan’s Ambassador to USA says Pakistani-Americans play a vital role in the society of United States and they should actively take part in the presidential elections being held in coming months. Their participation in upcoming elections can help them use community’s influence in their favor.

He said CPAC has its own platform that allows it to take tangible actions for the real outcome. Jilani was talking to media persons at the annual Convention of Pakistani-Americans community. Taking place at Pakistan Embassy in Washington, the convention was attended by a large number of Pakistanis who live in different states of America. The agenda of this year's convention was to discuss the latest landscape of Pakistani and United States relations and possible financial opportunities that Pakistan can offer to its citizens living out of the country. The participants at the event also discussed on how it is important for the community to participate in accord to avail mutual benefits.

The Ambassador referred to the upcoming elections in the USA and insisted the community of Pakistani -American has a very important role to play in the upcoming political juncture of the country.  Most of them can use the leverage of community in their favor by being united and organized and it can be done regardless of what numbers Pakistani-Americans have in the entire electoral calculus.

Jilani said there can be various important steps for Pakistani community and one of these is to mobilizing political support from within the group of people, writing letters and emailing messages to their political representatives and stay connected with them. He urged the community to use their communication to highlight true perspective of Pakistan in the United States.

Referring to the recent challenges, Jilani urged the community for encouraging their youngsters to look for government jobs which according to him may appear less appealing in term of monetary perspective at first, but would secure their rights in a long way by a clout that can't be achieved with financial means alone.

Jilani said he was disappointed on the latest scene of Pakistan and India relations. He said it's really unfortunate to realize that India has been taken Pakistan's peace initiatives as a sign of its weakness. As Pakistani citizen and the Ambassador of the country, Jilani again emphasized that Pakistan seeks peace but it won't be frightened. He said it must be clear to everyone that Pakistani wants peace along with honor and complete dignity.

Talking about several terrorist attacks that frightened the environment of different states of America, the Pakistan’s ambassador said these attacks caused to bring the community in highlight, and need to be observed seriously. According to Jilani, the community itself needs to devise a common strategy to look after its interests in such terrible situations in future.

Jilani also expressed his views about democratic system in Pakistan and says the country is going into the fourth year of democratic government and all political parties within the country are dedicated to peruse the democracy in future as well.