Pakistan Begins Efforts To Establish Ties With Trump’s Administration

Pakistan has begun its efforts to establish ties with the new US President and his administration. In this regard, a vanguard team has reached Washington DC on Sunday where it is supposed to meet various important officials from Donald Trump's administration team.

According to some media reports, Pakistan also plans to send the PM Mohammed Nawaz Sharifz to attend the inaugural ceremony of newly elected U.S President Donald Trump that is scheduled to take place on January 20, 2017, and this agenda is one of the purposes behind the efforts being taken by its management.

On the other hand, the Pakistan Embassy has clearly said that Foreign Affairs team under the supervision of Tariq Fatemi, who is serving as the Special Assistant of the said department, is visiting the United States as one of the several plans of Pakistani government for the early days of new US President, and it is still too early to get the topic of the PM's visit on its plate.

In the meantime, Tariq Fatemi has begun his official engagements in U.S capital on Monday, December 5, 2016, and is scheduled to go to New York next week to meet different members of Trump transition team. For the moment, he will have meetings with some members of new Congress of the United States in Washington. These members also include those who were elected in November 2016 as well as some officials of current Barack Obama's administration.

Trump's team has two officials who are already familiar with Pakistani management and completely understand Pakistan's importance in the fight against terrorism. One of those is James Mattis who is nominated for Secretary of Defence and Mr. Michael Flynn who has been chosen to work as National Security Advisor of the country. Among those Mr. Flynn who has also served the country as an army general gave extremely positive comments on Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism when he came to attend a qawali function at the Pakistan Embassy in September 2016.

According to diplomatic observers in the US Capital, Pakistani officials may find both the situations during their visit to New York and Washington as they can find some enthusiastic listeners and can also experience some questioning.

It is worth mentioning that the White House earlier had described its relations with Pakistan a "complicated one" during a news briefing last week. It told the journalists the details how President Obama had once expressed his desire to visit Pakistan but he had to prevent himself from doing so because of the complications in the joint relations between Pakistan and the United States.

The official policy by Trump's administration also has highlighted the complications that can continue to spoil relationship between the two countries. In addition, the policy document also verifies that the relations are necessary as well as difficult, and it also expresses the desire of strengthening the historic relationships that have stayed under the burden of international dispute.