Diplomats Visited LOC, Met People Victimized by Indian Shelling

On Thursday, diplomats, defense attachés, Ambassadors, and representatives of various countries and international organizations paid a visit to the Jura Sector located along the Line of Control, reported Radio Pakistan.

During their visit, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Direct General Major General Babar Iftikhar gave a briefing to the diplomat community on the current situation along the Line of Control.

The community also met the victims of the shelling done by the Indian Army on the border. They also spoke to young women and children who were affected while also witnessing the damage done to homes, shops, and protection bunkers installed for the protection of the civilian population inhabiting the area.

In a report published by ISPR, it was told that India has violated the ceasefire 2,333 times this year. The report further claimed that the Indian Army, on purpose, targets the civilian population along the Line of Control.

DG ISPR, during the visit, informed the diplomats that the neighbor army used cluster ammunition along the LoC and deliberately targeted the civilian population whereas being a professional army, the Pakistan Army only targets the Indian Army’s military posts, said DG ISPR.

He further added that the Indian actions are against the Geneva Convention as well as international humanitarian law.

Under the Convention on Cluster Ammunition, the use of cluster ammunition is prohibited for the reason that it has severe impacts on the non-belligerent. The Indian Army blatantly slamming all the international norms shows the true character and the moral standing of the Indian Army, the report said.

Major General Iftikhar said it is high time for the world to take notice of the Indian Army’s unashamed violation of international laws.  

Human rights are gravely being violated in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Whereas since 2014, the violations have mounted with the use of heavy weapons to deliberately aim the civilians, the report included.

DG ISPR said that all this is an attempt by the Indian Army to divert the attention from the ongoing brutality being done to Kashmir is and the minorities living in India. He further added that the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions.

The defense attachés, diplomats, and representatives of different countries as well as organizations, including Azerbaijan, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Palestine, Turkey, South Africa, Islamic Republic of Iran, Australia, Greece, Republic of Iraq, Poland, Kyrgyz Republic, Italy, Libya, United Kingdom, Germany, Yemen, Uzbekistan, France, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Egypt, and the UN- World Food Program, were part of the delegation.

The Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson, meanwhile, said that the visit was arranged by Pakistan to give the community first-hand and on-ground knowledge of what the Indian Army is doing.