Raja Basharat Reacts to Nawaz Sharif’s Speech

Raja Basharat, the Law Minister for the province of Punjab, reacted to the speech given by Nawaz Sharif. While attending the All Parties Conference of the opposition, he stated that someone such as the former Prime Minister should not be criticizing or undermining national institutions. In his opinion, a man convicted by the Supreme Court and a proclaimed offender had no say in anything. 

A media statement was also issued in which Raja Basharat was quoted to have said that Nawaz Sharif’s speech was not reflective of any patriotism. Moreover, he pointed out that the Pakistan Armed Forces have always played an important role in the security and development of the country, which the former Prime Minister overlooked. 

The Law Minister also appreciated the bravery of the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan. He said that the manner in which the speech was aired on national media was a moral and political victory for the Prime Minister. In a way, Raja Basharat believes, that it proved that the current government is not afraid of the opposition or Nawaz Sharif. 

Additionally, Raja Basharat went on to say that he felt that the former Prime Minister’s speech was one given by a frustrated person. According to the Law Minister, all the speech achieved was to create more difficulties for Nawaz Sharif’s party. He said that the latter’s speech could not be categorized as patriotic in any way. 

Raja Basharat also went on to add that if a no-confidence motion was to be against the Chief Minister of Punjab or anyone else, it would yield no fruit. In fact, in his opinion, it would only be a crazy dream since they had been unsuccessful in moving for no-confidence against the Chairman Senate. 

In the end, Raja Basharat stated that Tehreek-e-Insaf had been successful in taking the country out and away from difficulties. He declared that the citizens would not be fooled by the opposition’s attempt to push them back to square one. According to him, the people are more aware of looters now and will not be fooled by them.