Lack of Female Doctors in Gadoon BHU’s

On Monday, the locals complained about the lack of female doctors employed in all of the five basic health units in Gadoon. A mountainous region, Gadoon Amazai has not had female doctors for as long as people can remember. 

It was also reported by locals of various localities that the BHUs located in Gabasni, Mangal Chai, Ghani Chathra, Malik Abad, and Gandaf do not even have proper medicines or equipment required by the patients from time to time. They also informed the media that elected representatives, as well as health department officers, were made aware of the difficulties faced by the locals. However, the relevant authorities, to date, have paid no heed. 

The locals also added that the mortality rate amongst women, especially during pregnancy, was skyrocketing in the region. The lack of female doctors and proper healthcare for women has kept them at a certain disadvantage. 

A recently retired doctor, Mohammad Oqail Farooqi also spoke on the matter. He stated that it was pathetic and upsetting to see that the entire belt of Gadoon Amazai was without a female medical officer and gynecologist. According to him, many pregnancy-related deaths were occurring due to the undetected complications that women in the area were facing.

Amjad Ali, belonging to the Utla village, was of the opinion that women in the area were not only suffering due to the unavailability of health facilities and female doctors. Rather, the problems of lack of health care awareness, illiteracy, and failure of the male medical staff to understand women’s health complications are hindering the quality of life. 

He also stated that poverty is another important factor that hinders proper treatment for and of women when they fall sick. He said that cultural restrictions that male doctors cannot treat women are having adverse effects on the health of women in the region. Moreover, the lack of female doctors employed in the BHUs is not helping matters either. 

Mohammad Riaz, a local, told the media that in the majority of the cases where women are suffering from pregnancy complications, they die seeking proper healthcare. The residents of the region demanded that the government and healthcare authorities should post women doctors to BHUs and other health facilities. 

Education of Women Highlighted

Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi, the Vice-Chancellor of Women’s University in Swabi, held an important meeting on Monday. She had decided to talk to the mothers of those students who were enrolled in the varsity’s technology and health sciences faculty. 

She made it a point to show her gratitude to them for being supportive of the varsity. She stated that the education of their children was imperative if the society was to prosper. Moreover, Dr. Shahana stressed on the fact that society could only prosper if educated women resided in it. 

According to her, the students enrolled at the university are not only talented but, highly intelligent as well. The vice-chancellor maintained that she is sure that women studying here will soon become the leaders of this nation. 

The parents present at this meeting were delighted and greatly impressed by the establishment of the educated and new faculty.