Suspect of Gang Rape Put On FIA List

After the motorway gang-rape incident that took place in Lahore, the Punjab police has been adamant to find the culprits responsible. They put in a request to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to put the main suspect’s name on their ‘blacklist’. Law enforcement agencies and authorities all over the country have been alerted, along with all checkpoints. 

Abid Malihi, the prime suspect of the motorway gang-rape case has been at large since the incident. The Punjab police have been desperately searching for him but to no avail. His details have been provided to various teams, who are all trying to trace the culprit’s whereabouts. 

Umer Sheikh, the Capital City Police Officer of Lahore informed the media and public that FIA has been asked to ensure that Malihi does not flee the country. Thus, his name has been put on the watch list. 

The official also explained that putting the suspect’s name on the Exit Control List (ECL) would have taken quite long. Thus, they immediately turned to FIA and asked them to keep an eye on all airports and sea and land check-posts. The authorities are looking to prevent the suspect from evading the criminal charges against him by leaving the country. 

The CCPO also gave a statement saying that the police were hopeful and working hard to catch the suspect. He indicated that they would soon be able to apprehend Malihi, given the number of organizations and people trying to trace the culprit’s whereabouts. 

Police teams have also been assigned to conduct raids in various places in different cities. However, the suspect remains at large. 

A senior official belongs to the FIA also added that whenever the police want to prevent anyone from leaving the country, their name is placed on their ‘blacklist’.