Woman Gang-Raped in Sheikhupura

In the town of Kala Shah Kaku, several men have been accused of gang-raping a woman. The Sheikhupura district police reported on Friday that the husband had been held hostage while his wife was victimized. 

According to Salahuddin, the DPO Sheikhupura, the couple had traveled from Rawalpindi to Lahore on the 16th of September to look for jobs. However, they ran out of money quite quickly. The couple had been sitting outside the Minar-e-Pakistan when they were approached by a conman. This stranger tricked the two into visiting his village alongside him. 

The husband and wife later on revealed more details about the incident. They recalled that the conman had lured them to the village with the promise of jobs and shelter. However, the situation was completely different when they arrived at Kala Shah Kaku. The two were held hostage. 

Moreover, the victim claimed that she was gang-raped by four to five men, in the presence of her husband. Following the couple’s statement, the Police revealed that the case had been registered. They also added that an investigation had been launched, which led to the arrest of six suspects. Those arrested are either responsible or linked to the crime. 

The Sheikhupura DPO said that medical tests had been conducted on the woman. Her DNA samples were also collected and taken in for testing by the Punjab Forensic Science Agency. 

Just a week earlier, various Pakistanis from all walks of life had taken to the streets for protests. They called for stern and immediate action against everyone involved in the gang-rape that occurred on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. 

As per reports, two suspects had supposedly robbed and then gang-raped a mother of two in front of her children. This tragedy occurred on the 9th of September in an area that falls under the jurisdiction of the Gujjarpura police station.

A recount of the events revealed that the woman had been driving to Gujranwala with both her children that night. At around 1:30 am, she had run out of fuel and was forced to stop in the vicinity of the Gujjarpura section of the Lahore-Sialkot motorway.