Government Does Not Intend to Close Down Educational Institutions

On Thursday, Shafqat Mehmood, the Federal Minister for Education, announced that the government has no intention of closing down educational institutions as the second wave of coronavirus threatens to hit the country. 

While addressing the students of Mansehra’s Batrasi Cadet College, he stated that with the blessing of the Almighty Allah, they hope to continue running schools. He went on to say that the numbers have significantly decreased, allowing education to continue as per usual. The Federal Minister of Education also said that while closing of schools was a good call when the outbreak initially occurred, the government had no intention of doing so again. 

He informed the public that the PTI government values and focuses on the education sector. Thus, the education of the youth of the country will be prioritized. 

Shafqat Mehmood added that more than 20 million children are out of schools right now. It is a major challenge to ensure that they receive much-needed education. He went on to praise the institution he was giving the speech in and appreciated it for its discipline and services to facilitate the young generation. 

When the minister arrived at the Batrasi Cadet College, he was presented with a guard of honor by a couple of students.