Prime Minister Accuses Sharif of Trying to Sow Seeds of Discord

Just a day ago, Nawaz Sharif gave another one of his fiery speeches against the government of Pakistan. This forced the hand of the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, who did not hold back in retaliating against his political arch-nemesis with a speech of his own. 

According to Khan, Sharif is attacking the government to sow seeds of discord in the judiciary, military, and of course, the government. He believes that this is all a ploy for the former Prime Minister to escape accountability for his substantial financial corruption. 

While at a gathering which contained the Tiger force, PTI’s volunteer force, the visibly angry Prime Minister referred to the PML-N leader as a Jackal. He stated that Sharif had made a cowardly move by running away to London, much like a Jackal runs away with its tail between its legs. 

The former Prime Minister, who had been sentenced to seven years in jail due to corruption charges, had been granted permission to visit London. The purpose of his visit was to seek treatment for an undiagnosed illness, which has not yet been revealed. At the time, he had taken a chartered air ambulance as ominous rumors about his health emerged. 

The Sharif family is embroiled in numerous corruption cases and fresh charges continue to pop up every other day. However, all of the accused claim that these charges are motivated by political vendetta and exaggerated. 

Soon after the disgraced former Prime Minister fled the country, the court summoned him back to the country to serve out his sentence. However, upon his refusal, the judge in charge of the case declared Nawaz to be an offender. 

As of now, Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz are in the custody of NAB. They were taken in for questioning due to several connections with corruption references. On the other hand, Nawaz’s daughter, Mariam Nawaz, has been allowed to make bail, while her London-based brothers have been claimed as offenders. 

Various government ministers and political commentators believe that the slew of speeches and verbal attacks being made by Sharif is out of desperation. In their opinion, the former Prime Minister is seeking some reprieve for himself and his family. 

These claims were further supported by a recent revelation. Apparently, Muhammad Zubair, the senior leader of PML-N had held two secret meetings with the Chief of Army to see if any concessions could be made for the Sharif family. 

In his speech, the Prime Minister also referred to the Gujranwala rally taken out by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as a circus. In his opinion, going after the thieves of the country had forced them to unite. 

Khan also played a video clip from 11 years ago. It was a statement of his predicting that one day, the opposition parties would come together to protect their loot and plunder the country. He also went on to say that he would not react to the speeches given by Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and Maryam Nawaz. According to him, both of them are just ‘kids’ living their lives on the wealth of their fathers.