Prime Suspect of Gang Rape Sent on Judicial Remand

Abid Malihi, the prime suspect of the Lahore-Sialkot motorway gang-rape case, has been sent to jail as per a 14-day judicial remand by a special anti-terrorism court (ATC). 

On Monday, more than a month after the horrific incident occurred, the Punjab Police apprehended the main culprit. He had managed to escape the law enforcement authorities and evade arrest in three previously conducted raids. 

Along with Malihi, another main suspect in the case was Shafqat. He was also presented in front of the ATC amid tight security. A report was also submitted by the Punjab Police on Shafqat to the court. Thus, he was sentenced to jail for an identification parade until the 28th of October.

The court also later ordered the jail to prepare an identification parade for Abid Malihi as well. 

New also came about earlier, which stated that Shahzada Sultan, Lahore DIG Investigations, had confirmed the arrest of the prime suspect. He was also leading the special team which had been formed to apprehend Malihi. Dr. Shahbaz Gill, the leader of PTI, also informed the public on social media that the police had been successful in arresting the accused in Faisalabad. 

However, an investigator who had been keeping up with the case developments, said that Malihi had been caught in Mangamandi, Lahore. 

Sources revealed that the arrest took place soon after Inam Ghani, the Punjab Inspector General Police (IGP), tasked the entire police force of Pakistan’s most populous province, to arrest the accused. 

Another source also said that investigators assigned to the case had observed two suspected phone numbers just a couple of days ago. The police believed that the accused had tried to contact his family for food, money, and help. Tracking these numbers led them to the suspect.