Pak-Afghan Border Comes Under Attack

On Wednesday, the Inter-Services Public Relations reported that the Pak-Afghan Border had come under attack. A soldier belonging to the Pakistan Army was injured, while another was martyred. Terrorists attacked one of the posts located in the Bajaur sector thus, leading to the skirmish. 

The media wing of the military tweeted that the terrorists had opened fire from across, right along the Pak-Afghan border in the area of Bajaur. The tweet also said that Havaldar Tanveer had embraced Shahadat, whereas the other soldier has sustained various injuries. 

On the 22nd of September, another post located in the area of Bajaur had also been attacked. Men from the Afghan territory had opened fire on the international border. The incident had led to the martyrdom of Sabir Shah, a sepoy in the Pakistan Army. 

Furthermore, the media wing of the military went on to state that Islamabad has frequently been asking for efficient border management with the capital of Afghanistan. They want Kabul to agree that Afghan soil will not be used to carry out attacks against Pakistan. 

Previously, the army had released a statement saying that if the rise in violent incidents persists from both sides of the Pak-Afghan border, the peace process with Afghanistan will be derailed indefinitely. 

General Babar Iftikhar, the Director-General Major of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), stated in a tweet that Pakistan supports and believes that each country deserves progress and peace. He also went on to add that the two countries will join hands to ensure that such unfortunate incidents do not occur in the future. 

Back in August of 2020, a soldier belonging to the Frontier Corps (FC) was martyred. At the same time, two others had sustained serious injuries as a result of direct fire from across the Pak-Afghan Border. 

According to the media wing of the military, heavy weapons and mortar had been used during the attack. The firing had taken place in the Bin Shahi area located in the Dir District of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).