Coronavirus Infection Rates Rise in Pakistan

On Friday, Pakistan recorded more than 2,300 coronavirus cases. This is the first time that the country has recorded this many cases since 15th of July, 2020. Health experts are now afraid that due to this recent spike in the infection rates, the number of cases may significantly rise as winter quickly approaches. 

Official data indicated that 37 people have lost their lives in a single day to the novel coronavirus. This number is the highest single-day toll ever since the 30th of July, 2020. 

In this month alone, Pakistan recorded more than 17,000 cases. Health experts had just recently warned the citizens that the country is now experiencing a second wave of the disease. This could not happen at a worse time since winters also bring about the flu season. 

In the middle of July, Pakistan was one of the few countries which showed a decline in the infection rates of the Covid-19 virus. 

Back then the single-day tally was about to hit 7,000 but, by August 24th, it came down to a meagre 264 as compared to the rapid increase in cases earlier. The falling trend had prompted the government to reopen all businesses and ease up on the lockdown that had been imposed for months. Where the death toll was concerned, it too came down to single digit numbers. 

However, following the reopening of cinemas, schools, and various other entertainment venues, a significant increase in fatalities and cases can be witnessed. In September, the government had also lifted the ban on wedding banquets and halls. 

To contain the fresh wave of infections that is taking over the country, the relevant authorities saw fit to re-impose ‘smart’ lockdown restrictions. This means that theatres and cinemas will be closed and a ban will be placed on public gatherings, as well as indoor gatherings. 

Sources have revealed that the government is also considering whether they should announce winter vacations in educational institutions before they had initially planned to. 

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has completely rejected the idea of imposing a complete lockdown once again on the entire country. He believes that it would do substantial damage to the country’s already tottering economy. 

Meanwhile, the opposition has launched a defiant alliance in the country just recently, whose main aim is to ensure that Imran Khan resigns from office. They have refused to delay or cancel any of their planned rallies despite the rising infection rates and requests made by government authorities.

The secretary general of the Pakistan Medical Association, Dr. Qaisar Sajjad, stated that the second wave of the virus is already here. He informed that the situation in the country is worsening as the number of cases are on the rise. 

He warned that the country may once again experience another coronavirus peak. According to the secretary general, the entire month of November along with the first two weeks of December are important for the country. He urged people to strictly adhere to SOPs and wear masks at all times.