NCOC Seeks Help From Citizens to Implement Coronavirus SOPs

On Saturday, the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) decided to turn to the citizens of Pakistan. They required the added help in order to ensure that the coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed. In their opinion, compliance with SOPs is of utmost importance right now as the number of infected patients is on the rise once again. 

Asad Umar, the Federal Minister for Planning, stated that this decision was taken as violations of the SOPs were observed. He went on to add that the second wave of the pandemic has already begun, which forced the NCOC to enlist the help of the people. 

A WhatsApp number has been launched by the NCOC. This will allow people to register in case of any violations made by the public that are related to the coronavirus. 

Umar urged and encouraged the citizens to report any violations, such as lack of social distancing measures being observed or if people are seen with no masks. He stated that the WhatsApp number has been launched for this purpose alone by the NCOC. The number given is 0335-3336262. 

On Wednesday, the NCOC had noticed that the virus is on the rise once again. They also observed that the positivity ratio has increased in at least 11 major cities of the country. 

The national body had previously deemed it mandatory for people to wear masks whenever they set foot outside their homes. Public places that require a mask to be worn at all times include shopping malls, restaurants, and while traveling in public transport. 

Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, took to a news conference to talk about the rising cases of the coronavirus. He stated that strict restrictions will be imposed, which will be chalked out soon enough. He warned the people to be wary of the virus and advised that they follow SOPs down to a tee. 

As per the doctor, restrictions would especially be strict in those cities where the positivity ratio of the virus is especially high. He stressed upon the compliance of all SOPs saying that action will be taken against those who are seen flouting them. 

The aide to the PM also informed that new recommendations and ideas will be presented, soon after consultation with all the provinces. In the meantime, he urged people to be careful and wear masks at all times, while maintaining social distancing.