Imran Khan Urges Police Force to Stick to Righteousness

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, made a speech to urge law enforcement officials to not lean towards illegal and unethical ways to earn money. He stated that he was aware of the fact that salaries of the working class are not adequate with the rising inflation. 

He acknowledged that due to the rising prices in the country, police personnel have had a tough time over the past couple of years.

The premier expressed hope for a better tomorrow, noting that the government is taking all necessary steps to ensure the economic wellbeing of the country. He reassured that Pakistan is heading in the right direction, as the current account balance features a surplus. 

Focusing on the passing-out parade that was recently held at the Islamabad Police lines, he pointed out that a country cannot build a better future until the property and life of its citizens are not safeguarded. According to Khan, the army is responsible for protecting the border whereas, it falls on the police to guarantee the safety of the life and property of the public. 

The Prime Minister went on to acknowledge that the police force in the country has not been awarded the status that it rightfully deserves. He promised to consult with the finance minister to talk about equaling the salaries of police officials in Islamabad, to that of law enforcement officers in Punjab. However, he noted that this was a difficult decision since the country is deep in debt. He informed that the government has had to cut down on its spending by 40 to 70%. 

Moreover, the PM announced that police personnel in the capital will be awarded health cards, which can be used by them and their family members to avail of treatments up to Rs1 million. Those in possession of these cards will be able to use them at any hospital they like. 

The premier went on to reveal that the police force in Islamabad will also have the opportunity to buy houses in installments. This was attributed to the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme of the current PTI government. Thus, he urged that benefits await the police officers who are patient and follow the path of righteousness. He advised them to only use legitimate means to fill their stomachs. 

Khan acknowledged that though it is not easy to stay patient in face of adversity, there is success in the end. He gave an example of him rejecting the offer to play cricket in South Africa, back when he used to play cricket. Consequently, he linked that example with the current situation and said that the evil path is tempting but, will lead to destruction sooner or later. 

The PM informed the people that if he had played in South Africa, he could have earned a lot of money but, would not have had any respect. Moreover, he would have had to show support to the racist government there.