Maryam Slams Prime Minister at Mardan Rally

On Wednesday, the Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz, spoke at the rally in Mardan, hosted by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). She leveled insults at the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, after saying that he is respected, despite the fact that the world knows about his ‘exceptional disobedience’. 

She also referred to a recent address of the premier that was broadcasted on television. The PML-N leader pointed out that Khan himself acknowledged that he had been unprepared to lead the government of a country. 

She went on to add that in the words of the Prime Minister, no one should come to power until and unless they were prepared. Thus, she stated that he was brought in to lead a country, while he had no experience or preparedness. 

The Vice President of the PML-N called out the premier and asked him to tell the people of Mardan why he was so quick to don a Sherwani when he was not prepared to lead the country. This was spoken in her speech as a reference to the official dress code of the Prime Minister. 

The 11-party opposition alliance, PDM, held a ‘Mehngai March’ in the city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which is a protest against inflation. The leaders of the alliance, as well as their supporters, made their way through numerous areas of the city with the help of big caravans. They soon arrived at Nowshera Road where they addressed the participants of the rally. 

The large public gathering today was hosted by PDM, despite the district administration’s refusal to grant them permission in light of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While giving her speech, the leader of PML-N directed several questions at the Prime Minister. One of these was where his team of 200 people was that he used to boast about before coming into office. She expressed that the cabinet members of the premier are only playing musical chairs amongst themselves and switching between portfolios. According to her, the premier and his cabinet are all talk and no action. 

Nawaz recalled that the Prime Minister had admitted that he had no inkling of the electricity problem in the country, the circular debt, or the current account deficit when he came into office. In addition, she observed, Khan had caused a sugar and wheat crisis and caused a loss on LNG that amounted to Rs12 billion. She further stated that he had not delivered on his promise to give 1 million jobs. But, the PML-N leader claimed, the premier had given out jobs like candy to foreigners, who had sent him money. 

In her verbal attack, the Vice President of the party said that the leader of the country was unprepared to introduce reforms for the police force. However, she alleged, Imran Khan had used the police to ensure that his brother-in-law was able to buy the plot he wanted. 

Nawaz also questioned the PM regarding his preparedness to file a judicial reference against Justice Qazi Isa.