Peshawar on the Top of National Coronavirus Charts

The second wave of the Covid-19 virus has taken over the country of Pakistan at an alarming rate. As of now, Peshawar is at the top of the National Coronavirus Charts and has the highest number of patients, who have tested positive for the virus. 

A total of 5,719 tests were carried out as the upsurge in cases began. The provincial capital, in the last week of November, reported 1,059 positive cases of the virus. 

Health experts say that the increase in the cases of the disease has caused the positivity rate to also rise. Currently, Peshawar’s positivity rate is more than 20%, which makes it one of the most troubled locations in the country of Pakistan. 

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) also revealed further details regarding the coronavirus cases in the provincial capital. As it turns out, Peshawar has recorded the highest number of lives lost to the virus, in lieu of the second wave. 

In comparison, Karachi is at number two on the National Coronavirus Charts with a positivity rate of more than 17%. Hyderabad follows suit with a 16% positivity percentage. 

The President of the Young Doctors Association, Dr. Rizwan Kundi, stated that the country is seeing a significant rise in positivity rate due to being negligent of coronavirus guidelines. In his opinion, more and more people are contracting the virus and consequently testing positive, because they are not taking health safety protocols seriously. 

He recalled the struggles faced in the first wave of the pandemic and said that over 20 doctors and numerous health workers lost their lives to the virus. The doctor claimed that their families are still waiting to receive compensation. 

He added that the healthcare workers had thought that the government would learn from the mistakes it made in the first wave but, it does not seem likely. Kundi also revealed that doctors and health workers had reported a shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), but no action was taken to rectify this problem. 

On the other hand, the provincial government refused to take the blame for the spike in the coronavirus cases. Instead, they pointed the finger at opposition parties, specifically those who have been carrying out rallies all over the country. Just a few days ago, one rally was also organized in the provincial capital. 

Taimur Saleem Jagra, the Health and Finance Minister of K-P, claimed that the cases had only risen significantly after the rallies held by Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) all over the country, including Peshawar. He pointed out that the death ratio had also increased after the last rally held by the PDM in the province. 

Jagra vowed that he, along with the rest of the provincial government, will make sure that frontline workers receive the protection they deserve. He added that families will also be compensated accordingly. 

After the PDM rally was carried out in Peshawar, Samar Bilour, the leader of Awami National Party, and Bilawal Bhutto, the Chairman of the Pakistan’s People Party, had tested positive for the virus.