IHC Dismisses Petition Against Coronavirus Vaccine

In recent news, countries all over the world are starting to roll out coronavirus vaccines. The inoculation against this respiratory disease has caused conspiracy theories to surface in various parts of the world, as well. Anti-vaxxers are going out of their way to come up with sinister myths related to the jab, in order to discourage people from protecting themselves. 

One of these false claims states that the vaccines are being misused to implant microchips into everyone who gets inoculated. Consequently, these chips will be used to alter the DNA of a person. While the majority of the people who hear such theories laugh them off, there are those who take these to be true. 

On Monday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) dismissed a petition as non-maintainable, which was filed by a citizen of the country. The petitioner wanted to obtain a restraining order against the government, which are in the process of procuring a coronavirus vaccine. 

Tariq Khokhar was the man who filed the petition through Tariq Asad, his attorney. 

The IHC judge who oversaw this petition, Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb, informed the petitioner that if he wanted, he could refuse to receive the vaccination. However, the petitioner was unhappy with this suggestion. His attorney argued that once the vaccination arrives in the country, it would be next to impossible to travel abroad without a vaccination certificate. 

The learned counsel demonstrated, with the help of a diagram, how his client’s claim could be substantiated. He showed how the vaccine could be used to place microchips into people and therefore, alter their DNA. Asad further stated that his client believes that artificial intelligence will be used to spy on people. 

He went on to say that Bill Gates is currently working on an agenda to reduce the population in the world. The counsel urged the court to not ignore the severity of his claim, while pointing to the American billionaire’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is working on the development of the vaccine along with various other global charity works. 

The petitioner revealed that he believes that the DNA of chimpanzee and pig will be inserted into the bodies of whoever receives the vaccination. 

The court was humored by the claims of the lawyer and asked if the vaccine would turn the citizens of Pakistan into monkeys. However, the petitioner did not take this as a joke and replied that this will be done to the entire world, consequently making everyone the slave of America. 

The counsel asserted that while the entire nation is in a lockup right now, the vaccination will put everyone in prison. It should be noted that Asad was speaking figuratively. 

After he had heard the arguments of the petitioner, the judge stated that he will be reserving his judgment based on the maintainability of the plea. Later on, his honor threw out the petition by labelling it as non-maintainable.