16 Injured in Blast Following Rally to Display Kashmir Solidarity

Nearly 16 people were recently injured in a blast that took place in Sibbi, Balochistan. The incident occurred on Friday, with initial reports suggesting that the incident occurred right after a rally was held in the city. People had gathered to showcase their solidarity with Occupied Kashmir. 

It was reported that explosives had been planted on a motorcycle. The police present at the scene revealed that personnel belonging to law enforcement agencies had cordoned off the area soon after the explosives went off. A search operation had also been initiated. 

Out of the 16 injured, 11 were soon shifted to the District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ). The remaining five were taken to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH), which is located in Quetta. A police constable, who was one of those injured in the blast, is said to be in a serious condition. 

On the 7th of January, more than a dozen people were injured and two were killed. Those wounded consisted of two soldiers belonging to the paramilitary Frontier Cops (FC). All this devastation was due to a blast that took place in the provincial capital. 

Just last month, Jam Kamal, the Chief Minister, stated that the security challenges in this particular province were steadily declining. He reported that law enforcers had taken to defeat the elements that were causing a wave of terrorism all across the province. 

While addressing the attendees of a national security workshop taking place in Quetta, he added that the security forces, as well as the people residing in the province, have made countless sacrifices in the war against terrorism. According to Kamal, they successfully defeated the hostile forces, which we're using the country’s soil for the purpose of international war. 

It is no secret that Balochistan has been wrecked because of militant, sectarian, and ethnic violence, which was perpetrated by a number of different groups. Time and time again, officials have pointed their fingers at ‘hostile forces’ that exist in the province. 

In other news, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister, stated that the problem of Kashmir is a state issue. He added that it is not restricted to a government or political party, despite the trade and economic interests of each involved country. 

According to the Minister, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, P5, understand the position that Pakistan has taken on the issue of Kashmir. He encouraged Kashmiris to not lose hope as they have an entire nation standing beside them. He reminded the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir that the world knows of their struggles and sufferings. 

Qureshi further talked about the ongoing political disputes taking place between the government and the opposition. He maintained that political differences aside, the entire country is united on the issue of Kashmir. 

As per the Minister, the politics of the opposition is based only on hypocrisy and lies, as it was displayed in Muzaffarabad. He asserted that the narrative of the country on the issue of Kashmir is that Pakistan stands by Kashmiris and vows to never leave them alone.