Maryam Nawaz Demands Re-election in NA-75

In recent news, the Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz, has directed a demand at the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). She wants the ECP to ensure that there is a re-election in the NA-75 constituency in Sialkot. According to her, the reason behind her calling of a re-election is because she believes that there has been some foul play in the by-poll by the ruling party of the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). 

Maryam accused that the results from 20 polling stations were not original but, rather fake. She claims that they were changed after staff members belonging to the PML-N were taken ‘hostage’.

She was addressing a public meeting in Daska, when the leader of the PML-N stated that it is imperative that the ECP hold re-elections on all of the polling stations belonging to the NA-75 constituency. She wants the commission to expose those responsible for the rigging and register a case against them. 

According to Maryam, the current PTI government had been defeated in the NA-75 by-polls, despite the fact that they had resorted to every tactic to manipulate the results. She claimed that PTI had closed the gates to polling stations when it saw a large number of PML-N supporters gathering outside. 

She went on to claim that closing the doors to polling stations was not enough for PML-N so, they decided to open fire and wreak havoc. As per the Vice President, this slowed down the process of voting and allowed the PTI government to rig the election. 

The PML-N leader went on to address the PTI and said that the current government was defeated in its own stronghold. She further revealed that the staff of the Election Commission had been whisked away until the counting of the results and were nowhere to be found until morning.

Maryam told the ECP that the ruling party does not have a narrative and has failed miserably. She asked the Commission to ensure that it made good on its responsibility and represented the true voices of the people. As of now, the PML-N wants that riggers to be exposed, arrested, and consequently booked. 

The PML-N leader maintained that the current PTI government will be held accountable for all the tyranny and suppression it has caused. 

Talking about her demands, the Vice President added that she wants there to be a re-election in affected areas as well. However, she made it clear that a re-election will only be accepted after the Commission ensures that there will be no stealing of votes in the polls. 

Earlier in the day, when the PML-N leader was speaking to the media in Jati Umra, she said that the government has been exposed due to these by-polls. She asserted that the ruling party now knows its worth in the country and amongst the people. 

Maryam stated that the people of Daska have fought the war of democracy and truly honored their votes. She maintained that the ‘sugar and flour thieves’ have been rejected by the masses.