Microsoft and HEC Resume Education Agreement

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Pakistan has made a deal with Microsoft Pakistan. The two entered into an education transformation agreement (ETA) in an online meeting. 

The meeting was personally attended by the Chairman of HEC, Dr. Tariq Banuir, and Mark East, the Vice President of Microsoft for Education (for Africa, Europe, and the Middle East). In addition, numerous key executives representing both sides were also in attendance. 

Dr. Tariq Banuri was asked to share his thoughts during the online session. He said that due to the pandemic, the educational sector in Pakistan had to struggle and overcome many challenges. According to him, these issues were quickly resolved and turned into opportunities, because of the assistance of Microsoft. He expressed that the country has successfully embarked on a journey to transform the education system, with the help of digitization. 

The Chairman went on to say that this new ETA with Microsoft is an ode to their commitment, which will help revolutionize the learning process by using different initiatives. He expressed hope that these interventions will assist in the introduction of modern technological tools, meant to enhance the interaction between students and faculty. This communication will be applicable to all levels in order to provide easy access to information and knowledge. 

As per Banuri, the cooperation between HEC and Microsoft will go a long way to aid in the fulfillment of the vision of a Digital Pakistan. 

The Education Lead for Microsoft Pakistan, Jibran Jamshad, also added a few words. He said that the world has witnessed a new normal, which has completely changed the way the world interacts with technology. He noted how there has been an increase in blended and remote learning solutions in the way faculty teaches and educates. 

Jamshad further added that with the help of Azure, Microsoft 365, and productivity suite, such as Microsoft Teams, institutions will be able to stay up to date with the quick pace of innovation. This will also help them design classrooms that will foster innovation and allow students to achieve significantly more. 

As per the ETA framework, Microsoft cooperates with different universities and helps them with their digital transformation journey. It uses a strategic technology framework and implements it to aid them in building a connected and secure campus. With such tools, learning and teaching activities are also promoted, opportunities are further created for the purposes of academic research, and the possibility of student success is increased. 

There are numerous programs that are an important part of this framework. They impact faculties, students, and their academic lifecycles. 

Student Hackathon and related programs help focus on technology boosts. Whereas, Imagine Cup, as well as different online training sessions designed for more than 200 institutions across the country, will help with the adoption of technology and assist in building a workforce for the future. 

The attendees were further informed of how the HEC has been striving to provide remote learning solutions in order to drive continuity for academic activities in higher education institutions, such as universities.