No Rise in Pay for Employees Working in 18 Government Departments

In recent news, the government of Pakistan has decided that it will not be increasing the salaries of several federal employees. This pertains to all those individuals who have been employed by either one of the 18 specified departments, including the Secretariat of the Prime Minister and the President. 

As per sources, the salaries of the workers employed in these departments already comes with extra allowances. Therefore, their pay was not raised along with the others.

The current PTI government has come up with several recommendations where the increase in the salaries of all other federal employees is concerned. According to that very plan, 18 departments working under the federation will be excluded from a rise in pay. 

The salaries of the Secretariat of the President and the Prime Minister, as well as FBR, NAB, National Assembly, law enforcement agencies, and Senate, will not be raised. 

The additional salary that was recently included by the government will not concern more than 326,000 employees working in the departments that receive extra allowances. 

Sources further revealed that the basic pay being given out to employees from these departments will be frozen on the 1st of March this year. 

At present, the salaries of those working for the Health Department, Motorway Police, Airport Security Force, ISI, IB, FIA, high courts, civil armed forces, and federal police will also not be increased. No indication has been given to raise the pay of these particular employees in the near future either. 

Employees of the Justice and Law Commission, Islamabad Model Police, and Parliamentary Affairs Division have also been informed that there will be no developments in their pay. 

The decision has been made to increase the pay of more than 296,000 employees by a figure of 25%. The ad hoc rise in their salaries will add to the burden of the national exchequer by an estimate of Rs. 21 billion, annually. 

Officials have announced that employees who are already on the receiving end of a 100% ad hoc relief are not eligible for the current 25% increase.

The recent increase in pay has been declared to be only for employees, who do not receive any kind of performance allowance or additional salary that is equal to their basic salary.  

People working for different federal agencies are currently paid around 300% of their basic salary as allowances. The reason why the government is providing ad hoc relief is to ensure that there is no gap in the pay of all the salaries employed in different government agencies and departments. 

Any issue that arises even after the increase, will be personally dealt with by a committee. This committee will be given a notification prior to the discussion of the issue by the Finance Division. This particular division has been given permission to make recommendations to provincial governments regarding the adoption of the proposed increase. 

The Finance Division also has the power to suggest that the payment of increased pay be made out of the resources that are owned by each province.

The Federal Cabinet, however, will be taking a final decision regarding various avenues of this increase on Tuesday.