Dozens of Protestors Charged Under Anti-Terrorism Act

Just recently, the police force in Rawalpindi registered a handful of cases against some activists and leaders of a now-outlawed party. They were charged for holding the garrison city captive for three days consecutively. 

These cases were registered under the Anti-Terrorism Act of the Pakistani constitutions. Section 7 holds these people liable for attempted murder, murder, damage to property, resisting the police, and intimidation. 

Sources have revealed that soon after their leader was arrested in Lahore, numerous works and supporters flanked the streets of Rawalpindi. These included Murree Road, Taxila, Gujar Khan, Liaquat Bagh, Committee Chowk, and Rawat. 

Thus, fierce clashes ensued between the police and the demonstrators for two days straight. However, on Wednesday, the Rangers from Punjab, with the help of police, decided to carry out an operation to clear out the sites of protests. The operation lasted for over six hours and the authorities were able to send the demonstrators home or take them in. 

The operation led to some large-scale arrests, which also led to some hundred police officers getting injured. Because of the protests, metro bus services were also suspended. Muhammad Saleem, the Sub-Inspector at the Waris Khan police station, also lodged a first information report (FIR) against 110 people. These included several heads of the north Punjab division of the party, along with local leaders. 

The FIR also claimed that numerous individuals, whose identities are unknown, took to protesting against the arrest of the leader of the party. The leader had been taken into police custody due to the deportation of the French Ambassador. As a consequence, the supporters and workers of the party caused harm to government properties, private properties, and metro stations. 

In addition, a separate case was also lodged against over 150 workers of the party in question at the City Police Station. On a similar note, several activists, inclusive of Sher Bahadur, were registered in cases in the Gujar Khan police station. A case was also lodged against the kidnapping of a police official.