Government Announces to Increase the Number of Vaccination Centers


Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the Health Minister of Punjab, has announced that government is considering increasing the number of vaccination centers in the province. This is being done to ensure that Punjab is able to reach its goal of vaccinating around 80,000 people, residing in the province, on a daily basis. 

The Health Minister recently chaired a meeting held at Civil Secretariat to go over the coronavirus situation in the country, present the plan to increase the number of vaccination centers, and boost the health facilities being offered at public sector hospitals for patients of the disease. She also added that the health department of the province is working on making sure that it receives an uninterrupted supply of oxygen. 

The meeting was joined by several officials and ministers. This included Raja Basharat, the Law Minister of Punjab, Additional Chief Secretary, Senior Member Board of Revenue, as well as a couple of senior civil and military officials. Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bukht, the Finance Minister of Punjab, also joined the meeting via video link. 

Dr. Yasmin added that the relevant authorities in the province were ensuring that coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs) were being implemented. According to her, all institutions in the province are working together to control the spread of the deadly disease in Punjab. 

The ACS, Punjab Primary and Secondary Health Department (P&SHD) Secretary, and the Lahore Commissioner also provided details of the actions that are being taken to curb the rise of the pandemic. 

The Punjab Health Minister went on to add that the vaccination staff in the province is being doubled at various vaccination centers to prevent the issue of overcrowding. 

Meanwhile, the deadly disease has caused 90 more people to lose their battle with the coronavirus in the province of Punjab. Moreover, it reported more than 2,000 infections in the last 24 hours. 

The P&SHD revealed data that indicated that the number of cases of the virus in the province have now exceeded a figure of 202,180, whereas the total number of deaths have hit 8,500. 

All across Punjab, around 247,050 people have recovered from the infection up until now. 

The P&SHD confirmed 891 cases of the coronavirus that were recorded in Lahore. 11 were also reported in Kasur, 161 in Rawalpindi, three in Chakwal, 25 in Sheikhupura, 40 in Gujranwala, 18 in Sialkot, 14 in Gujrat, 109 in Faisalabad, and 18 in Chiniot amongst others.