Pakistan to Get 19m Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine by June


Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) regarding National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination, has said that the country is soon going to receive no less than 19 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine in the first half of the current year. 

While addressing a press conference of the National Command and Operation Center, the Minister made this announcement. He further added that the government has entered into contractual agreements to get around 30 million doses of the vaccine. According to him, the process of receiving the vaccines will continue in multiple phases. 

When asked about these doses being bought or donated, Dr. Faisal clarified that 90% of the jabs are being paid for. 

He went on to stated that around 100 million of the total population is eligible to have the vaccine administered. This excludes all those who are aged below 18. However, he assured that modifications will be made if the age factor is internationally or scientifically altered. 

As per the SAPM, the government is hoping to vaccinate at least 70 million people all over the country before the year is out. He maintained that though all efforts are being made to acquire the vaccines, the biggest defense is still strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs). He urged people to continue exercising extreme precaution to help curb the rise of the cases in the country. 

While referring to the shortage of vaccines all across the globe, Dr. Faisal expressed happiness at the fact that Pakistan is still able to successfully acquire them and vaccinate the people of the country. 

He revealed that the authorities are preparing to begin the local filling of the CanSino doses. As per the agreement made, the country will administer at least three million jabs of the vaccine each month. 

The SAPM believes that this move will ensure that the country is less reliant on other countries for the purchase of vaccines. He went on to laud the cooperation efforts being made by China, which have enabled Pakistan to go through with the filling process locally. 

The Minister also added that comparisons should not be made with other countries, such as Bhutan, deeming them unfair. He believes that if any comparisons are to be drawn, they should be based on the vaccination initiatives being taken, as well as the population of the country.