PM Imran Condemns the Attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sends Out Support to Palestinians


The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, recently took to Twitter to assert how horrified he is by the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque. He condemned the actions of the Israeli Police Force against the Palestinian worshippers, who were praying at the mosque in Jerusalem on Friday. He also went on to offer his support and condolences to the people of Palestine. 

In his tweet, the premier encouraged the international community to condemn the attack, as well as take action to offer protection to the people of Palestine along with their legitimate rights. 

While carrying out the attack on the worshippers, the Israeli Police Force shot stun grenades and rubber bullets at the youth of Palestine. This attack took place against the backdrop of the potential eviction of the people of Palestine from their homes situated on the land that is being claimed by Jewish settlers. 

In the clashed that occurred during the night at the third-holiest site in Islam and in the surrounding areas of East Jerusalem, about 205 Palestinians along with 17 officers suffered heavy injuries. This was revealed by the Israeli Police, as well as Palestinian medics. Around thousands of people from law enforcement authorities showed up in riot gear to face off against the Palestinians. 

The tweet from the Prime Minister was an echo of the statement that was issued by the Foreign Office, which also condemned the tragedy. It offered prayers for the speedy recovery of all those who were injured and reiterated support for the people of Palestine. The international community was addressed and urged to take appropriate action in support of Palestinians. 

Moreover, tensions are at an all-time high in the area of Sheikh Jarrah, as they have been for the past week. Israeli settlers have showed up in droves soon after an Israeli court declared that the Palestinian families be evicted from the location. 

Al-Aqsa is well-known for being the third-holiest site for all those who practice Islam. Jews, on the other hand, refer to the area as ‘Temple Mount’ and allege that it was once the site of two Jewish temples. Israeli Forces took over East Jerusalem in the war of 1967 between Arabs and Israelis. This is where Al-Aqsa is located. The entire city was annexed later in the year 1980. A move like this has never received recognition from the international community.