1.5 Million Jabs of Sinovac Vaccine Reach Islamabad Airport

In recent news, Pakistan received a special consignment of coronavirus doses. Around 1.55 million doses of the Sinovac anti-coronavirus vaccine reached the Islamabad airport on Sunday, through a PIA flight. This good news was announced by the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC). 

Earlier, the federal government had placed emergency orders due to a shortage of doses across the country. Thus, this consignment had been sent over by China, which took special measures to make sure that the jabs were supplied as soon as possible to Pakistan. 

The NCOC is the principal body in the country, which governs the implementation of national coronavirus efforts, as well as policies related to the deadly disease. In a recently released statement, it added that one more shipment of the Chinese vaccine will soon be arriving in Pakistan and will be followed by continuous supply. The next delivery is expected to contain no less than two to three million jabs of the vaccine. 

Thus, measures have been put in place and arrangements have been made for the transportation of these doses to the federating units in the country, as per their requirements. 

A day earlier, Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on matters pertaining to health, announced that the government had rushed to place urgent orders with the Chinese authorities for an uninterrupted supply of the anti-coronavirus vaccines. This happened soon after inoculation halted at various centers across the country, as the doses ran out. 

The de facto health minister of Pakistan, Dr. Sultan, stated that the country will be receiving a total of seven million doses over the time span of ten days. Most of these jabs will be coming in from its neighbor, China. 

The ongoing vaccination drive of the government hit a pause in a handful of areas in the country. Reports revealed that only a bunch of vaccination centers were operating in the province of Punjab, whereas Sindh announced that no jabs will be administered on Sunday. 

The reason behind the shortage of vaccines was not explained by Dr. Sultan. But he assured me that the situation will go back to normal from Monday, 21st June, onwards. He stated that the arrival of new supplies is bound to rectify the current situation. 

He informed that there are 1 million doses of vaccines available but, these will not be enough to inoculate all the people of the country. From a population of 207 million citizens, Pakistan has successfully administered the vaccine to at least 12 million people, as the number of cases of the disease readily declines. The government has planned to vaccinate no less than 70 million citizens before the year is out.