Government of Pakistan Scales Down Board Exams for Matric and Inter

The government of Pakistan is highly determined to hold the yearly board examinations for all students studying in higher secondary and secondary classes. Thus, the relevant authorities have decided to scale down the board exams to include elective subjects only. The exams have been scheduled to start after the 10th of July, all over the country. 

Shafqat Mehmood, the Education Minister, made this announcement in a press conference, shortly after he chaired an Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC), held at the Higher Education Commission. According to him, the syllabus for students about to give their matriculation and intermediate exams has been reduced to facilitate them. 

The government has made it clear that it is determined to hold exams. A move over was given to students last year in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Examinations will be held this year amidst the falling number of active cases in the country. Pakistan is successfully battling its third wave of deadly disease. 

All the education boards in the respective provinces usually hold exams for grades 9 to 12, meaning Matric and Intermediate. The curricula is commonly divided into two distinct parts, which include compulsory and elective subjects. English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, and a handful of others are categorized as compulsory subjects. On the other hand, elective subjects include sciences or arts. 

Mahmood went on to add that the exams of the remaining subjects will be canceled. Instead, the students will only be tested on their elective subjects. He further explained that the percentage of marks scored by students in their electives will be allocated to the compulsory subjects in proportion to the exams that are not being taken. 

The Minister went on to inform that all the exams are being scheduled to be held after the 10th of July. In the first phase, only grades and 10 and 12 will give their exams. Once this phase is complete, the examinations for the 9th and 11th will be conducted. Moreover, he revealed that a gap will be given for each exam. 

Mahmood further stated that the exams are being scheduled to minimize the incurred loss of education activities, as a result of the closure of schools due to the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the syllabus of both matriculation and intermediate levels has been considerably curtailed. 

The Education Minister lamented that the students have shown a genuine concern regarding their course work, which they have not been able to complete due to the closures of schools repeatedly. This also hindered the attention that the students were paying to their studies.

Mahmood maintained that it is highly important to hold the exams in order to minimize the loss of learning that has occurred in light of the coronavirus pandemic. He stated that the relevant authorities made exceptions last year and promoted students without exams. However, that did not turn out to be favorable.

Therefore, the Minister announced, the government has decided to not award grades without holding exams first.