Active Cases Of The Coronavirus Fall Below 35 In Rawalpindi

It has been reported that the third wave of the novel coronavirus in Rawalpindi is almost at an end, as the district revealed that only 35 patients of the coronavirus are now admitted in three major hospitals. In addition, the infection rate in the city has fallen to 3.22%. 

An official went on to say that the spread of the virus was considerably reduced due to the strict implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as the implementation of a smart lockdown. Moreover, they stated that the vaccination of more than 400,000 citizens has also contributed to improving the coronavirus situation in Rawalpindi. 

Due to the fall in the number of active cases, the coronavirus wards in various hospitals, such as Rawalpindi Institute of Urology and Transplantation (RIUT), Holy Family Hospital, and Benazir Bhutto General Hospital are readily emptying. 

Furthermore, health experts have predicted that if the implementation of the SOPs and a quick pace of vaccination is carried on, the third wave of the deadly contagion will soon come to an end. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Omar, the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Rawalpindi Medical University maintained that in order to completely eliminate the infection, the government needs to implement strict SOPs and a smart lockdown for an additional time period of ten days. 

Dr. Omar also stressed upon the need of the hour to get vaccinated, saying that the first jab ensures 40% protection from contracting the virus after at least 15 days. He informed that the second dose will allow people to get immunized up to a figure of 85%, once five to six weeks have passed following the administration of the second dose. 

In the past 24 hours, the number of patients, who have tested positive for the coronavirus, admitted in public hospitals has fallen significantly. Of the 36 patients currently undergoing treatment in hospitals, 31 are on oxygen, whereas four are now on ventilators. One patient, who had previously been admitted to the Holy Family Hospital (HFH), lost the battle to coronavirus in the timespan. 

Up until now, a total number of 441,266 people have been given the jab in the district. Moreover, the health department has continuously been directing the citizens to get inoculated against the deadly disease. 

Meanwhile, the Polyclinic Hospital (PCH) was applauded for outperforming various federal government hospitals during the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus. The management was commended for taking substantial measures, in order to protect the staff and providing patients with the best healthcare facilities. 

The healthcare facility took on the responsibility to ensure that personal protective equipment (PPEs) was provided to the staff. Isolation wards were also established for patients contracting the virus, as well as a flu clinic for added assistance. 

In addition, the management at PCH took impressive measures when the time for vaccination rolled around. It also kept the outpatient department (OPDs) functional, even when the pandemic was at its peak, to make sure that patients suffering from ailments besides the coronavirus, were receiving proper care.