Police Positively Identify Cleric Aziz As Individual In Video

In recent news, cleric Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman has been positively identified as the individual, who appears in a video of a seminary student being sexually molested. This was revealed by the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigations of Lahore Police, Shariq Jamal, early on Monday. 

On the 21st of June, the accused cleric had accepted that he had committed the crime. He added that he is the one present in the video and the action was a mistake from his side. According to him, he was very embarrassed about it. The police in Lahore utilized digital forensic techniques to match the cleric’s face with that of the person present in the video. The forensic analysis further revealed that the video clip had not been edited. 

Jamal added that the DNA report, on the other hand, came out negative. This was because the incident had occurred a couple of days before the investigation was carried out. But the physical features of the alleged molester at the time, Mufti Aziz, as well as the victim, were a perfect match after the forensic analysis was conducted. 

On the 16th of June, a First Information Report (FIR) was registered by the police, on the complaint of the survivor, against the 70-year-old. Earlier, Mufti Aziz, who is also the Lahore vice Ameer of the party of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), had threatened that he would kill the survivor. 

Moreover, a statement was given by the survivor, in which he maintained that he had been admitted to the madrassa in the year 2013 and had been attending it ever since. He revealed that the cleric had blamed him for having another student take his exam, as a result of which, the survivor had been banned from taking exams with Wafaqul Madrassa for the next three years. 

In his FIR, Shah recalled that Mufti Aziz had told him that he would pass him in all exams if he agreed to keep immoral relations with the cleric. 

The complainant also announced that the 70-year-old, as well as his sons, Lateef, Atique, and Altaf, and three other individuals have made threats to murder him because he released the video. 

A video message of the teary-eyed survivor was leaked along with the footage of him being molested. In the message, he claimed that the sons of his attackers have made countless threats to end his life for exposing the man who was sexually abusing him. 

While in distress, the survivor revealed that he is currently in hiding. According to him, it is better for him to die because he does not want to be killed for posting the video online. He did not expect that he would be threatened like this for revealing the truth. 

The leaked video of the boy being molested spread like wildfire on social media in Pakistan. Netizens took to Twitter to call for immediate action against the culprit, as well as his sons who were threatening the boy. Moreover, people went on to demand that pedophiles in the country are cleared out and investigations to be conducted into religious seminaries.