Sources Reveal That Zahir Jaffer Has Confessed To The Murder Of Noor Mukaddam

Zahir Jaffer, the primary suspect in the murder of Noor Mukaddam, has reportedly claimed to commit the crime that he has been accused of. 

On the other hand, sources have also revealed that the accused has continuously been changing his statements when asked about the reason behind committing the heinous crime. The police in Islamabad managed to find video evidence of Jaffer torturing Noor on his cellphone, along with CCTV footage of him murdering the daughter of the former ambassador. 

The footage shows the girl trying to escape from the house that she and the accused were in. She jumped from the first floor and ran towards the main gate to get away, revealed sources. Afterward, the victim ran towards the cabin of the security guard and locked herself inside. 

A little while later, Zahir can be seen following the deceased and dragging her outside. The video evidence further showed the security guard, as well as other onlookers, witnessing the events. No one can be seen making any attempt to stop the accused from killing Noor. 

The family of the victim also later on informed the team responsible for investigating that she had instructed her driver to get her Rs700,000. She had asked him to bring it to her when she was at the house of the accused. However, the authorities investigating said that no evidence of this claim had yet been found. 

A senior police officer assigned to the case further added that no confirmation was found of the money being withdrawn from the accounts of the victim, her house, or from anyone else she knew. 

In addition, the physical remand of the accused was extended by two days. At the time of the proceedings, Sajid Cheema, the state prosecutor, told the court about the developments being made in the case. He revealed that a pistol had been found in the possessions of the accused, and a team had been assigned to recover data present in his phone. 

The prosecutor went on to add that new provisions had been added to the case, soon after the arrest of all those individuals who had been involved in the murder of Noor Mukaddam. The extension of the physical remand was vehemently opposed by the legal counsel of the prime suspect, Ansar Nawaz Mirza. 

Earlier on, even the parents of Jaffer had been taken into custody, namely, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adamjee. Late on Saturday night, authorities arrived at their home in the federal capital to take them in. Domestic helpers, Jamil and Iftikhar, had also been called in for investigation. The arrests of the parents, on the other hand, were made only after a detailed statement was made by the father of the victim, Shaukat Mukaddam. 

The Islamabad police presented both the parents in front of the duty magistrate on Sunday, who placed them and two of their servants on physical remand for at least two days. Officials have not yet ruled out additional arrests related to the murder of Noor. As of now, teams are working on piecing together all the direct and indirect evidence that they have collected, related to the murder.