Umar Stresses Upon Vaccinations To Stem The Spread Of The Delta Variant

The chief of the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), Asad Umar, stated on Friday that the people who have not yet even received the first dose of the coronavirus, are more than seven times at risk of getting infected. Moreover, these are the people who could potentially suffer from the very severe effects of the deadly disease. 

While addressing a news conference, Umar said that he was concerned regarding the potential risk that the Delta variant poses to the people of Pakistan, especially those who have not yet even received the first jab. 

He maintained that the people getting infected after inoculation are safe from the more severe effects of the virus. The chief warned that the mutation that has recently entered Pakistan, could become a potential catastrophe if people did not exercise caution. 

According to Umar, efforts from the citizens of Pakistan would greatly help and would ensure the safety of families, society, and consequently the country. He asserted that once a large chunk of the population is vaccinated, Pakistan will function as per the norm, without any restrictions and lockdowns. 

The Federal Minister for Planning went on to inform that unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter or visit any tourist spots. He stated that they should not even bother visiting any, especially during Eid vacations, as they will not be allowed in. In his words, the staff at these spots has been given strict directives to stop unvaccinated people from gaining entry. 

While talking about vaccinations in the country, the NCOC chief claimed that up until now, 6.2 million people had been given both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, they are fully inoculated. 

On each of the past four days, he added, Pakistan successfully administered the vaccine to more than 0.5 million people. However, Umar maintained that this rate and the current number of people inoculated is not enough, as there are doses still left in stock. 

In the conclusion of his address, the federal minister stated how Pakistan has been lucky so far and has managed to escape a severe situation. He talked about how the economy has been getting back on its feet and the healthcare system did not collapse. In order to continue with this situation and make it better, he urged compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as vaccinations.

Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health (SAPM), also spoke on the occasion, saying that the country has been registering no less than 2,500 cases on a daily basis. He claimed that the positivity ratio in Pakistan, as of now, stands at almost 6%. 

He went on to reveal that Muzaffarabad has recorded a positivity ratio of 21%, whereas 22% has been reported by Gilgit. Karachi has shown a positivity ratio of 20%. He further revealed that around 2,400 patients are currently receiving critical care in hospitals across the country.