Asad Umar Reveals Over 900,000 Vaccinations Administer In A Single Day

Asad Umar, the Chief of National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), on Saturday revealed that Pakistan had successfully achieved a record number of coronavirus vaccinations to have been administered in 24 hours. He added that more than 900,000 doses of the vaccine had been given, thus allowing the country to achieve this milestone. 

According to Umar, this is the fifth day in a row that the country was able to administer a record number of coronavirus vaccinations to the citizens. The NCOC chairman went on to assert that the massive inoculation campaign being run in Pakistan would not have been possible without the vaccination centers and mobile units. As of now, there are a total of 2,979 mobile units and 2,600 vaccination centers operating across the country. 

Just yesterday, the NCOC informed that the federal government and relevant authorities will be increasing the critical care capacity in the City of Lights. This is because the Delta variant is spreading unabated in the city. 

The nerve center of Pakistan for coronavirus response said that it had critically gone over the rapid spread of the infection in Karachi. Thus, it decided to provide its assistance to the government of Sindh, in whatever way possible. It maintained that hospitals in the city will be given an additional supply of oxygenated vents and beds. 

The federal government has further decided to assist the provincial government by deploying law enforcement agencies to Sindh for the enforcement and implementation of SOPs, along with non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs). 

On Friday, the country recorded a total of 4,950 cases of the deadly disease, taking the tally of confirmed cases to 1,029,811. Around 65 fatalities had also been reported in the same day, after which the death toll was taken to 23,360. Up until now, 940,164 people have recovered from the virus, a number reached after 1,321 recoveries were registered on Friday. 

In other news, the government of Sindh also announced a couple of relaxations in the strict measures that it had imposed just a day earlier. The restrictions had been announced to curb the rising number of infections in the province, especially in the City of Lights. 

The leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Murtaza Wahab, addressed this matter, saying that the government had decided to lift the ban, which it had previously imposed on pillion riding in the province. He went on to inform that hotels, shops, wedding halls, or any other institution found violating the SOPs, will be forced to seal for a month. 

Wahab also responded to some criticism aimed at the provincial government by some quarters of the federal government, regarding the new lockdown. According to him, the matter of imposing a lockdown is not an issue of the economy but, one that pertains to the health of the people. He added that the focus should be on convincing people to follow SOPs, rather than encouraging chaos at a time like this.