Human Rights Cell Of The SC Takes Note Of Tiktoker Assault Case

The Human Rights Cell of the Supreme Court (SC) recently took notice of the sexual assault and harassment of a TikToker on the 14th of August, Independence Day, at the Greater Iqbal Park by at least 300 to 400 men. 

According to the order of the apex court, the Human Rights Cell had instructed the Chief of Punjab Police, Inam Ghani, to carry out an investigation and submit a report, detailing the incident. The report had to be presented to the cell by Monday afternoon.

As per the report submitted, the police officials had delegated a total of four special teams to conduct a detailed investigation into the incident that took place. Up until now, at least 92 suspects have been taken in through geo-fencing and NADRA identification. 

Furthermore, the report maintained that the police officials assigned to the case had sent 60 photographs, as well as 30 videos to NADRA to ascertain their identities. Nine individuals were identified using the national database, and subsequent arrests were carried out. These people were also investigated and questioned, which allowed the officials to make additional arrests.   

The report remarked that no less than 700 people have been deemed to be suspects, after the police recovered call data records (CDR) of over 28,000 people, pertaining to the time between 6:30 pm and 7:47 pm. The geo-fencing data was gathered effectively with the help of a couple of intelligence agencies, the report revealed. 

Up until now, around 407 individuals suspected of their involvement have been interviewed. Out of these, 92 were short-listed. On the 21st of August, 40 of those suspected were taken to the judicial lockup, as well as 30 more on the 22nd of August. They were to stay there until the identification parade, in accordance with procedure and law. Meanwhile, the leftover suspects are being questioned and processed. They too will soon be taken to judicial lockup for the parade. 

The police chief quoted in his report that a more detailed investigation of the incident will be carried out, as well as every single one of its aspects. He said that resources will be utilized to ensure exemplary punishments and impartial proceedings. The IGP promised the top court that the matter will be handled effectively. 

The SHO of the Larri Adda police station, Muhammad Jamil, and the SDPO of Badami Bagh, Usman Haider, have been suspended. The reason behind their suspension from their posts pertains to their negligence shown with respect to the case. 

The assault survivor, on the 14th of August, filed a first information report (FIR) with the Larri Adda police station. She claimed that she and her team members had been shooting a video in close proximity of Minar-e-Pakistan, when a crowd of around 400 people attacked them. 

She stated that she had been picked up by the mob and tossed in the air. Her clothes had been ripped from her body and that she cried for help, but no one came to her rescue.