Malala Urges Imran Khan To Provide Protection To Refugees

Just recently, Malala Yousufzai wrote to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to talk about the takeover of the Taliban of Afghanistan. She urged him to accept the refugees, fleeing from their homeland, into the country and make sure that females are provided access to education. 

While giving an interview, the Nobel peace laureate talked about child refugees, saying that there is still hope for their futures. She added that they could enroll in public schools or receive education while they are in refugee camps. According to Malala, girls should be provided with protection and safety.

The Nobel laureate further revealed that she had not recently had any contact with Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain. But she urged other countries to take part in the recent situation in Afghanistan, saying that they have a responsibility to fulfill. She encouraged the entire world to take in Afghan refugees and ensure their safety. 

As per Malala, the country of Afghanistan is currently experiencing an urgent humanitarian crisis and people across the globe are shocked at what is going on there. 

She remarked that the world is currently talking about quality, gender equality, and advancements, whereas Afghanistan is a country that is heading back centuries and decades. She stressed the importance of taking a bold stance for the protection of minority groups, women, girls, and stability and peace in the region. 

The Nobel laureate asserted that she believes this stance is necessary to ensure the protection of human rights, as well as peace in Afghanistan and the world. She is a Pakistani activist, who was shot by Taliban gunmen in the head back in the year 2012. The reason behind the attack had been her standing up to them for the education of girls. 

In other news, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister, has highlighted that Pakistan is going to stay in close contact with the United States, along with various international partners, to promote a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. The foreign minister had a telephonic conversation with Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, and the two sides talked about the changing situation in the country of Afghanistan. 

Earlier, the withdrawal of the American troops from the country was defended by the President of the US, Joe Biden. This happened shortly after the Taliban military took over Afghanistan, triggering a panic in the capital. Due to the fear of their rule, thousands mobbed the airport, trying desperately to flee the country. 

Qureshi admitted that the group that had taken control of Afghanistan on the weekend, following which the events had unfolded quite rapidly than predicted. He shared the perspective that Pakistan would be taking. 

In his telephonic conversation, the foreign minister encouraged that economic engagement from the US to Afghanistan should also continue, stressing its importance. He also talked about how an inclusive political settlement approach is the best way towards progress. 

The efforts of Secretary Blinken were further applauded, as he had facilitated the evacuation of staff and personnel of diplomatic missions, as well as international media and organizations.