Zahir Jaffer To Stay Under Judicial Remand Till The 30th Of August

In recent news, a local court has decided to extend the judicial remand placed on Zahir Jaffer, as well as the staff employed at Therapy Works. They will now be held till the 30th of August. The court has also given its approval for the application presented by the police, in which the officials had asked for permission to carry out DNA tests of the co-culprits, Jamil and Iftikhar. 

Three different hearings were conducted by Saqib Jawab, the Duty Judicial Magistrate assigned to the case. All three were relevant to the brutal murder case of Noor Mukaddam. 

In the first hearing, the primary accused, Zahir Jaffer, was transported from Adiala Jail to the court, after his previous judicial remand had been completed. A Bakshi Khana had marked his attendance. However, the suspect was not taken in front of the judge and was transported back to jail. 

The second hearing was regarding the application presented by the police to carry out DNA tests of Jamil and Iftikhar, two men suspected to have helped the main accused. They too had been brought in from Adiala Jail but had not been presented before the judge. 

The court listened to the reasoning provided by the police officials and gave them permission to conduct the DNA tests of the two additional suspects.

In addition, six people working for Therapy Works were taken to court, after they completed their physical remand of a single day. The suspects included the owner of the organization himself, Dr. Tahir Zahoor Ahmed. 

According to the police, the staffers were guilty of concealing evidence, as well as colluding with Zakir Jaffer, the father of the primary accused.

In the hearing, the attorney representing Dr. Ahmed presented an argument, saying that six staffers had been booked due to a supplementary statement. Therefore, he called for the case to be dismissed since his client’s name had not made it to the list. 

Sajid Cheema, the public prosecutor, had responded that Dr. Ahmed had specifically been named in another supplementary statement, which was recorded on the 24th of July. He added that a supplementary statement taken on August 8th had also included the name of the owner of Therapy Works. The record of these two statements, as well as the case history, was shown to the duty judge.

The investigation officer (IO) assigned to the case remarked that the staffers revealed that they had been sent by Dr. Ahmed himself. The court, therefore, concluded that the owner must have played some role in the concealing of evidence, given that he had been contacted.  

However, the counsel for Dr. Ahmed went on to argue that the statement provided by his client was not a part of a supplementary grant. He offered to submit bail bonds if it would satisfy the court. According to the lawyer, the owner needs his insulin after an interval of 45 minutes but has not been facilitated ever since he was arrested.