Mistakes To Avoid In Blogger Outreach Campaigns

To run a thriving blogger outreach campaign, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs. So what exactly are these mistakes that you need to stay clear from? The following are the prime mistakes compiled by Waqar Hassan you should strive to avoid when it comes too running blogger outreach campaigns for your brand and products that you wish to promote. Now read on to learn more about these mistakes. 

Not incorporating blogger outreach strategy into the main marketing strategy

The truth is that there happen to be several brands that still do not fully realize the importance of incorporating blogger outreach strategy into their main marketing strategy. Similar to your in-house marketers, your bloggers need to be cognizant of your marketing strategies and goals. 

They should be updated with your latest offers and plans so that they can craft a blog that aligns with your offers and goals. That said, as per Waqar Hassan, this is not what really happens when brands and bloggers decide to collaborate together. The brands keep the bloggers far off from their chief marketing strategy, and the latter are left to their own devices which ultimately results in failure. Do not make this mistake as it will cost your brand big time! 

Not Working on Relationships with Bloggers

Not working on relationships with bloggers is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to blogger outreach campaigns. Bear in mind and Waqar Hassan has emphasized several times that the task of operating a successful blogger outreach campaign does not finish with choosing the right and most suitable bloggers and paying them. A business should collaborate with them in order to get acquainted and really know them well in the long term. If you do not know bloggers in your network, it can ultimately harm the image of your brand rather than improving them. 

It is important to note that a blogger should what the brands want, and the brands ought to make it clear to bloggers what they are expecting from them. If both of these parties have a positive relationship with one other, there is a very slim chance of any kind of failure.

Money and revenue is not the key incentive that is expected from influencers. Several studies have shown that bloggers are more motivated with the values of your brand and their meticulous care for the works of bloggers than the real money.

Not Choosing the right kind of bloggers

Choosing the wrong bloggers is a deadly mistake that you can make for your blogger outreach campaign. In order to operate a successful blogger outreach campaign, you require the right kind of bloggers to promote your services and products. That said, the task of identifying the right bloggers for your blogger outreach program is not a simple task. Just selecting the bloggers using Google search in a random fashion and searching on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can impact your overall marketing strategy negatively in the long run. 

Regardless of how great your services or products may be, you will not be able to secure a conversion by choosing the wrong bloggers for your blogger outreach program. Some of the brands make the big mistake of outsourcing their blogger outreach campaign to certain agencies that do not comprehend the brands well, and that can result in them selecting the wrong bloggers for the blogger outreach campaign.

Wrapping it Up

To wrap it up, if you can avoid making these mistakes, the chances of you running a successful blogger outreach campaign are quite high. These mistakes can prove to be quite costly and will certainly not serve your brand and products well. In addition, Waqar Hassan also says that you should avoid taking any rash decisions and jump on a certain bandwagon just because other brands are doing the same!