China Companies Help Pakistan In Reducing Mobile Phone Imports

Mobile phone companies of china played a significant role in assisting Pakistan in reducing mobile imports in 2021. It’s for the first time in the history of Pakistan, that the number of mobile phones made by local companies exceeds the number of imports.

From January to November 2021, the regional companies made 22.12 million mobile phones, were as the imports remained at 9.95 million, as per official figures. The mobile phones made by local manufacturing companies were 13.05 million in the year 2020 against the sturdy 24.51 million imports.

The national manufacturers made 9.03 million smartphones, from January to November 2021, while the 2G mobile phones were still at 13.09 million. When we compare with 2020, the number of 2G sets has increased in 2021. The number of 2G mobile phones made locally in 2020, remained 10.98 million against 2.06 smartphones; same as in 2019 the number of locally made smartphones was 0.12 million and 2G phones totaled 11.62 million.

By PTA’S data, presently, in Pakistan, the 2G devices on the Pakistani network are 48 million but the smartphone users are 52 million.

The top ten locally assembling brands, which are Chinas Itel, Infinix, QQMEE, Oppo, Vivo, VGO TEL, and Tecno the other three companies are importing parts from china.

It will assemble 3.91 million devices between January and November 2021, VGO TEL 2.97 million, Infinix 2.65 million, Vivo 2.45 million, Tecno 1.87 million, QQMEE 0.86 million, and Oppo 0.67 million. Inovi Telecom exported 'MADE IN PAKISTAN' 4G smartphones to the center East for the primary time in August 2021. It marked the beginning of the export of mobile phones labeled "MADE IN PAKISTAN".

The first delivery of 5,500 mobile phones of 4G smartphone sets sends to UAE. The company’s main target is to perforate economic markets of the Middle East, like IRAN, IRAQ, and AFGHANISTAN.

As of now, there are no actual prices mentioned, but the company wants to make its customers in IRAN, IRAQ, and AFGHANISTAN where people prefer $100 mobile phones.

Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile company, in November 2021, announced an alliance with Airlink Communication to begin assembling mobile phones in Pakistan. The company will begin operations in the first quarter of 2022 and will be capable of producing up to 2.5 to 3 million mobile phones per year.

By the experts, in 2022, quite 90% of mobile phones utilized in Pakistan are going to be ‘MADE IN PAKISTAN’ and shortly Pakistan is going to be a serious exporter of mobile phones.

Right now, to promote ‘MADE IN PAKISTAN’ is not only for mobile sets but also for mobile parts. The foreign companies that received manufacturing licenses intend to export their mobile phones in the Middle East. The license holder companies will also manufacture devices like tablets, routers, dongles, tracking, etc.

Because of this tremendous step Pakistan will take a step forward, in many ways, it gives employment facilities to national people, and it gives good knock to the economy of Pakistan. It’s a good step for the betterment of the economy of Pakistan.