Expert Predicted Rwandan Genocide Warns Same Could Happen to Muslims In India

Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, who had predicted a genocide in Rwanda years in advance than it happened in 1994 has warned of an imminent genocide of Muslims in India. He mentioned while comparing the state of affairs of India under the Narendra Modi govt to events in Myanmar and Rwanda.

Genocide Watch is an international organization founded in 1999, devoted to the prevention of genocide. He made these remarks during a congress briefing titled 'Call For Genocide of Indian Muslims', which was organized by the Indian American Muslim Council. Dr. Stanton was part of a five-member panel invited to talk on the forum.

Dr. Stanton in his video address, started by highlighting that Genocide Watch had been warning of genocide in India since 2002, while riots and massacres in Gujarat happened that killed over 1000 Muslims.

Mr. Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat at that time, and he did nothing. There is lots of evidence that he was encouraging those massacres. Dr. Stanton said that now Modi is the prime minister of India, had used anti-Muslim, Islamophobic rhetoric to build his political foundation.

Dr. Stanton mentioned that Mr. Modi revoked the special autonomous status of Indian- occupied Kashmir in 2019 and the same year passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

He explained that to revoke the special autonomy of occupied Kashmir's was mainly aimed at restoring Hindu domination in the valley with Muslim majority. He added that the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act was especially aimed at Muslims.

He told that it gave a favorable status to refugees who had come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, who belongs to certain religious groups, but only the Muslim group was excluded. The Amendment was particularly targeted at the Muslims who had left Bangladesh at the time of genocide and civil war in 1971 and had settled in Assam.

Dr. Stanton stated there have been around 3 million such people, mainly Muslims, who had fled to India and "has settled down" as regular residents of India.

He told that the Citizenship Amendment Act, require people to prove that they had been citizens of India bef1971 through documents as part of a census that was to be overseen through the supreme court of India.

He pointed out that, now so many people don't have that type of documents. The idea behind the Act is to declare the people who had fled to India from Bangladesh in 1971 foreigners for their deportation.

He stated Myanmar government precisely did the same to the Rohingya Muslims in 2017. It first declared Muslims of Rohingya as non-citizens through legislation and after that expelled them through violence and genocide.

He also highlighted that the Indian govt aimed to expand the census under the Citizenship Amendment Act nationally to victimize the 200 million Muslims of India

He also stated that the concept of India as a Hindu nation, that's the Hindutva movement, is opposite to Indian history and its constitution.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Stanton concluded that it shouldn’t be allowed to take place in India.