How To Maintain Your Lawn During The Winter Season

In the winter season, your lawn does not need much care however it is not advisable to completely ignore it. New Year is the perfect time when you start to prepare your loan for spring and summer. In winters the temperature drop and Frost may delay the growth of your grass. We have gathered the best expert ideas to make your grass protected and lawn ready for the spring and summer. Due to cold weather, the grass also has a shortage of sunlight and the period of the day also decreases. Mowing the lawn is good but do not cut grass below a normal level. You should protect the grassroots from being harmed. 

Clean the lawn properly and remove the excess grass cutting from it. It opens the soil and allows it to breathe. Also, rake it to remove the dead leaves and moss. It deteriorates the quality of soil and prevents the new buds from growing. The soil cannot seep water and cutting the grass during the frosty season can damage it. Avoid using your lawn or dragging something over it, it can pull out the delicate grassroots. If you have pets then try to keep them indoors for a few months or use the groundless.

The next step is to fertilize your lawn. Using proper fertilizers enriches the soil and increases the growth rate of grasses. The winter season can also be called a time for absorption of whatever you give to your soil, the gases will absorb it and grow mature during spring. The stored nutrients play their role during the budding time. Dead leaves and mosses can be a home to weeds, pests, and diseases as the temperature increases. Keep the grasses as low used as possible and make them properly sprayed against diseases and pests. 

When ice falls on grass, driveway, and footpath, it depends upon you how you handle the snow and protect your lawn from it. Make a safe path for your convenience but keep clearing your grass from excess snow so that does not block its aeration. Salt which is generally used for defrosting the snow is very harmful to your loan and can destroy your efforts. Don’t use a shovel to throw away the snow filled with salt instead you can use some salt mixtures with less sodium proportion in them. Avoid walking on grass filled with snow, it is a potential threat to your grass and buds. 

Before applying the fertilizer and sprays, make sure that you have aerated and cleaned your lawn. Remove excess grass residue and make some holes with your fork to make the soil fresh. Gardeners are very conscious about their lawns and keep raking them for mosses even in the winter season. Expert advice that even you want to make your grassy area clean, you should choose a dry day so that you do not pull out the fresh grass. Preparing your lawn, keeping it fresh and clean, and avoiding walking over grass can give you the best yield in spring and summer.