In Karachi's positivity ratio crosses 40% As Coronavirus situation worsens

The federal health ministry officials stated on Wednesday that with the constant increase in the COVID-19 infections in Karachi due to the Omicron variant upsurge, the coronavirus positive ratio crossed 40% in the city.

As per the official report, as many as 2,902 new infections have been detected in a single day in Karachi while 7,232 diagnostic check-ups have been done.

According to the officials from the health department, the positive ratio in Karachi reached 39.39% from 35% within the same period.

The new infections increased positive rate in the city which is highest since the pandemic started. Meantime, federal health officials informed Geo News that it is expected the situation in Karachi will further intensify in the coming week as the positive ratio would possibly hit 50%, which will cause an increase in hospitalizations.

The officials additionally stated that daily covid cases have been predicted to increase up to 6,000.

According to reports, the Sindh Health Department, COVID-19 task force members, and coronavirus experts have been attending the meeting to talk about the situation in progress in the city. 

CM Murad Ali Shah had also told, while separately, speaking to reporters in Karachi, that the decision will be taken keeping in view the NCOC's recommendations to impose a lockdown and close educational institutions.

The officials reported that seven more cities in the country other than Karachi showed a positive ratio higher than 10%.

The positive rate in Muzaffarabad reached 21%, following Lahore with 15.15%, Hyderabad 14%, Islamabad 12%, Peshawar 11%, and Rawalpindi at 10.26%, according to the reports.

Furthermore, as per news reports, the unexpected rise in the hospitalizations of covid patients raises concerns in Karachi while two primary health centers of the city recorded an increase in patient admission.

Patients having issues in respiration and different problems associated with covid-19 are being hospitalized in huge numbers, the news report stated.

Until Tuesday, there have been eighty two patients admitted at the Hospital of Infectious Disease at NIPA Karachi, out of which 32 have been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 7 on ventilators. Two were children under the age of 16 among the patients, as per the reports.

Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) officials stated that they had above 50 patients in their coronavirus treatment facility and they have been further including extra beds because of every hour increasing numbers of patients.

All other hospitals stated they too have been observing an increase in hospitalizations of covid patients having signs and symptoms of the infectious disease. 

CM Sindh Mr. Murad Ali Shah told that in the last 24 hours in Sindh Karachi coronavirus claimed 6 more lives. 

CM Shah stated that the loss of life because of coronavirus had reached 7,709 in Sindh province and said that 17,911 samples have been tested, out of which detected 3,283 cases of Covid-19 which is equal to 18.3% detection rate.

In addition, CM Sindh stated that until now 7,385,949 check-ups had been carried out in which 507,476 instances have been diagnosed with covid-19, and out of them 93.2% or 472,739 patients have recovered, which includes 215 in the last single day.

He further stated that presently, 27,028 patients were under treatment, out of which the condition of 297 patients was critical, including 23 on ventilators.