Pakistan Expected The Increase Within The Fifth Wave Of Covid-19

Pakistan sees the fifth wave of coronavirus and the cases may increase at the end of January or at the start of February, the experts of health mention, in Islamabad 34 patients were diagnosed with the Omicron variant.

First case

On Thursday, eleven persons of a family were diagnosed with omicron after they come back from Lahore. The first omicron case was reported from Karachi on 13 December. As well it’s the first case of omicron in Pakistan.

Then the cases rise day by day. Islamabad face its first case of omicron on December 25, and on December 27 Lahore reported its first patients.  


Authorities of Karachi implement mini-smart lockdown, at the residential area of that family (Gulshan-e-Iqbal), also doing tests of the persons who come in contact with that affected persons.

Under the smart lockdown, people cannot move freely in that area of lockdown, only food selling shops and pharmacies are active, all the other businesses are closed.

Health experts

Delta variant was four times slower than omicron which alerts health experts from all over the world. 

 The NCOC (National Command and Control Center) has filed 482 and 515 cases respectively on Wednesday and Thursday. By the results of the past few weeks, the cases rise round about 350 per day.

But health experts mention here that this variant is less deadly than the last one.

Deaths and Covid cases in 2001

On 26 February 2021, Pakistan reports the first cases of Covid. That person was a student of Karachi University, and he traveled from Iran, luckily he recovered. 

The data issued by the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), in the year 2021, increment in cases and death can be seen as compared to last year.

Total cases of 815, 661 were described in 2021, while on the contrary, the cases filed in 2020 were 479,715. Likewise, at least 18,882 people died because of covid, on the other hand, 10,105 people died in 2020.


The Pakistani government started vaccination of health workers first hand. Then the senior citizens and then moderately go down according to age.

According to Asad Umar, 77% population of Islamabad has been vaccinated. As well as 51% of Punjab, 46% Gilgit –Baltistan, 45% Azad Kashmir, 42% Balochistan, 41%Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 37% of Sindh.

Roundabout 46% of people in Pakistan got both doses of vaccination, and 63% have completed only the first dose. In the country, a total of 156,623 million doses of vaccine are vaccinated.

The facility of PCR testing is provided in 247 public and private labs.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)

People must adhere to the SOPs to keep themselves and their families safe.

People should make sure the ventilation of houses, use masks outside and avoid gatherings.

The Omicron variant is four times more likely to spread than the Delta variant. Winters are better for spreading it because people spend more time indoors.

If people don’t follow SOPs it can raise the cases at a high level.