Taliban Diplomatic, Humanitarian Talks In Geneva

The Taliban delegation will be holding talks in the Swiss city with the Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations.

Switzerland´s foreign ministry said on Tuesday that a Taliban delegation is in Geneva for talks with the Swiss officials and NGOs on human rights and humanitarian access.

The reports stated that the Taliban delegation is in the Swiss city, which is also home to various United Nations agencies, due to holding talks with other non-governmental organizations and Red Cross.

A spokeswoman of a foreign minister told AFP that, the members of the Taliban delegation will have discussions about respect for human rights, humanitarian access to the population in need, and the protection of humanitarian actors.

The agenda of the conferences that will take place in a confidential setting also includes the management of land contaminated by mines and the protection of children during the conflicts.

The spokeswomen stated that the representatives of the Swiss ministry would be meeting the delegation this week. Although, she also stressed that the Taliban delegation's presence on Swiss territory does not mean a legitimization or recognition of the Taliban. The country has been plunged into financial chaos, with the surge of unemployment and inflation, since the hardline Islamist movement of Taliban seized control as the US ended its 20-year war in Afghanistan in the mid of August.

Following the Taliban’s takeover, the halt of aid triggered a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, a country that has already been devastated by decades of war.

Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi since returning from talks with Western powers in Oslo in his first interview urged the United States to unlock Afghanistan’s assets to help ease the humanitarian crisis in the country. After the Taliban seized power no country has recognized formally the installed government. However, Muttaqi told the AFP that Taliban rule in Afghanistan was slowly gaining international acceptance. He also said that we have come closer to the process of getting recognition. ATS news agency of Switzerland reported that Latifullah Hakimi was leading the delegation including around 10 people.

The International Committee of the Red Cross stated that it would be holding talks with the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) delegation. The spokesman stated that this dialogue is necessary to carry out the impartial and strictly neutral humanitarian mission. The ATS stated that the Geneva Call NGO which works to protect the civilians during the conflict had invited the Taliban delegation. The humanitarian community is required to adapt quickly to how to protect civilians and save lives which are already subject to insecurity and dramatically declining socio-economic conditions.

The Peace and Human Rights Division foreign ministries and its Asia and Pacific Division and the Representatives for Development and Cooperation from the Swiss Agency are also due to meet the Taliban delegation this week.

The spokeswoman of the foreign ministry stated that due to the armed conflicts, its socio-economic consequences, Covid-19, as well as extreme weather conditions, Afghanistan is facing a very complex emergency situation. Today a large majority of the Afghan population lives below the poverty line and 23 million Afghans are at risk of malnutrition.