National Government Proposal By Shahbaz Sharif For Next 5 Years Excluding PTI

On Wednesday Shahbaz Sharif President PML-N and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly have suggested forming a national government without the inclusion of PTI.

During his interview in the Capital Talk program of Geo News channel the president of PML-N stated that for the next five years national government must be formed, minus PTI.

President PML-N Shahbaz stated that it was his idea to form a new government that must work with all its commitment when comes into power to set a standard to follow. He said to the anchorperson and senior journalist Hamid Mir, and then we will see what is going to happen.

While just a few weeks ahead the national Assembly session will be held for voting on the motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan, the present government is trying its best to persuade its allies to support it during the process of voting.

The Opposition parties are also trying to woo the allies of PTI and attempting to break down the lower house government alliance, by conducting side-by-side meetings with government allies.

Premier Imran Khan has stated that he is prepared for anything that the Opposition is planning to throw in his way, however, he has also aggressively started meeting with all his allies in advance of the motion of no-confidence session.

The government and Opposition, both sides are ready to hold huge rallies in the city of Islamabad before the motion of no-confidence session. The Government is scheduling its rallies on March 27, whereas the long march by the Opposition will be held from March 25, after the session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ends. 

The horse-trading accusations are criticized by the Opposition leader during the build-up of the session for the no-confidence motion and he stated that when private aircraft was loaded with the politicians, what was it all about?

Opposition Shabaz Sharif stated that if horse-trading allegations are proven, he would apologize and resign from his office. “I’ll be responsible if horse-trading happens.”

He also stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan should not be called honest by the public anymore and said that had the PM recovered two hundred billion dollars which he claimed that he would, he might have served the country then.

The president of PML-N stated that the dakoity records in Pakistan have been broken, oil is bought at extremely expensive rates by the government, but it is not able to buy the cheap gas.

The leader of the Opposition speaking about the rally of PTI before the session of the no-confidence motion, stated that the PTI government was threatening the elected members for voting in favor of the no-confidence motion. 

He stated that the present government is warning the parliament members of violence, but we have no plans of turning to violence. The current government wants to clash with the constitution and its laws.

The Opposition leader stated that the present government threaten to end the rule of democracy in Pakistan. But, we’ll bring the long march of people to avoid this, which is expected from March 25.