Opposition Asked PM Imran For Resignation

On Wednesday the Mutahida Qaummi Movement Pakistan MQM-P left the Pakistan ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after announcing that it is supporting the opposition PDM on a no-confidence vote motion against PM Imran Khan.

The announcement was made by the MQM-P during the conference with the joint opposition leadership giving a clear edge to the opposition in the National Assembly which is required to send way the prime minister.

After weeks of consultations, finally, the opposition manage to convince the coalition partner of the present government to vote against the premier on the motion of no-confidence and after gaining MQM-P support the government majority in the national assembly seemingly has been lost.

After PML-Q has decided to support the government when the prime minister asked the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Busdar to resign, offering the same post to Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of PML-Q in exchange against supporting the no-confidence motion against the prime minister, MQM-P decided to part from the government and join the opposition.

Although the government hasn’t accepted the resignation, this move made by MQM-P has left both PML-Q and PTI embarrassed which cause them the loss of 3 decisive wickets just on a single delivery, Prime Minister Khan, Chief Minister Buzdar, and would be Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi.

The opposition now has acquired more than the required numbers officially to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan's government through a no-trust vote even without around two dozen dissenters of PTI, after MQM-P has joined the opposition. After both sides have reached the written agreement with given assurances to MQM-P of meeting all their demands, the announcement of the decision was made during the press conference of MQM-P and joint opposition leadership.

The government and opposition both have been asked by the MQM-P for the written agreement of their demands, stating that they would join whoever would respond in a better way, as they are answerable to their supporters and voters.

The demands made by MQM-P include the party’s offices re-opening, removal of fake cases against its workers and leadership, missing party workers recovery, among other things. As per the source's information leadership of the opposition mainly PPP has given the blank paper to MQM-P for writing down its all demands which would be accepted.

On Monday night the agreement has been finalized by both sides were agreed to announce the decision on Tuesday late at night but after that, it was delayed till 3 am, the decision has been made of holding a joint press conference.

The federal ministers of MQM-P, Ameenul Haq,, and Farookh Naseem have resigned also from their ministries and given their resignations to the prime minister. For the past many weeks the country is in the grip of suspense due to the no-trust motion and everything else was put on hold. 

While his address to the media gathering, Shahbaz Sharif urged the premier to resign for starting a new phase in Pakistan’s political history. Bilawal also said while speaking to the press that he was grateful to the MQM-P for deciding to vote against the government for the people of Sindh, Karachi, and Pakistan.