Sheikh Rasheed Advise To PM Khan Of Dissolving Assemblies

On Saturday, March 26, Sheikh Rasheed the interior minister of Pakistan stated that he has advised PM Khan for dissolving the assemblies immediately after the budget for general elections ahead of time. He also mentioned that the no-trust motion voting against PM Khan will be expected to happen around April 3 or 4.

Taking to a press conference in the capital city of Islamabad, Sheikh Rasheed stated that the opposition helped PM Imran Khan by bringing the no-confidence motion, increasing his popularity multiple times since then.

Replying to the question regarding Jan Abdul Karim MNA of PPP who is accused in the murder case of Nazim Jokhio in Sindh, the interior minister stated that upon his arrival from UAE he will be immediately arrested.

Sheikh Rasheed stated that as per the law, PPP should’ve taken bail from the court before his arrival, also added that the suspect in the murder case is brought back in Pakistan in advance of the voting on no-confidence, but will be arrested by the law and order forces at the airport as they have not taken his bail order from the court. I have instructed the IG Sindh police and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for arresting Jan Abdul Karim MNA from PPP at the airport on his arrival, he stated.

As per the local media news, it is relevant to specify here that last Friday the Sindh High Court has granted 10-days bail to Jan Abdul Karim against the murder case of Nazim Jokhio.

Interior Minister stated that everyone has the right to organize public rallies in the capital city of Islamabad. Although, as per the directives of the Pakistan Supreme Court, no one is permitted for entering the Red Zone. He also made a warning that no individual will be allowed for taking the law into their hands as the higher court has assigned the Interior Minister to keep the law and order of the capital city under control.

In response to the question from a journalist, the Interior Minister told that he had advised the premier to hold the elections before time immediately after the budget session and draft a poor friendly budget for Pakistani people. He mocked the opposition that they are playing the main role in increasing the popularity of Khan and fooling themselves.

In response to the campaign of social media against the country’s security agencies, Rasheed stated that he has instructed the DG FIA for arresting all such elements taken against the security agencies of Pakistan.

Responding to the opposition's warnings about staging a sit-in in the federal capital, Rasheed stated that if it happens, swift action will be taken as per the directions given by the court of law.

He stated that we will arrest anyone staging a sit-in and also added that the federal government could also call security forces under Article 245 after the approval of the cabinet and the prime minister. Although, he expected that the law and order situation will not get out of hand resulting in forcing them to take extreme measures.